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A word from Steve French of The Kingdom Heirs

I know news travels fast whether it be bad or good. In man's eyes, what looks like bad news or sad news is not always the case. Twenty-two years ago God gave my brother Kreis and me a wonderful opportunity to be involved in Southern Gospel Music. He also gave us a wonderful avenue to share this music with a lot of people. Next, he sent to us some incredible people with tons of talent and heart.

On Wednesday, September the 18th, three of those young men came to Kreis and me and resigned their positions with our group. Jeff Stice, Eric Bennett and David Sutton. Tenor, Bass Singer and piano player. It is one thing to have one to leave but three at one time was overwhelming. For a couple of days we went through all the emotions. Shock, disbelief and yes, anger. I have learned over the years that when there are changes, people want to assume that there are problems or that something must be wrong. I have also been told that we are supposed to stay angry and upset at those leaving. Well, that is not the case here at all. The Kingdom Heirs would not be where we are today if it was not for those three young men and others who have been apart of our lives. I truly believe that God is launching a new group into the world to share his message. These guys have my total blessing and support. I will do everything I can to help them. I am asking you to support them and pray for them. They are still some of my best friends. I am proud of these guys and I know it was hard for them to do and a giant leap of faith. Whatever they do it will always be a reflection of The Kingdom Heirs.

I know this is not a typical press release. Actually its not a press release at all. It's a praise report. This is not a "right thing to say" or just a statement that everyone uses to blame God. This is truly God working. I am just sharing my heart with all of you and cheating the devil out of the OLE rumor mill.

I know there will be folks who are sadden and disappointed. Don't be. We have had several quartets drop from our ranks over the past several years and now God is starting to replace them with talented God fearing, bible believing young men.

I know God has shown us favor and to take from Rev. TD Jakes, "Favor Ain't Fair." I also learned from a close friend that we can never give anyone more GRACE, then God gave us.

As for Arthur, Dennis, Kreis and me, thank you for all the support and prayers you have shown us through the years. We are so excited about the future. God already has three guys prepared and ready and our future never looked brighter. God is going to take us to another level. He always has. We have always strive to present Southern Gospel Music in its highest form and that will never change. We ask that you will pray for us and rejoice with us in what God is doing.

Steve French The Kingdom Heirs

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