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Song Garden Music Group Partners With The Rick Webb Family

Nashville, TN (September 30,2013) Song Garden Music Group has partnered with Rick Webb, of The Rick Webb Family, in its quest to better serve their Southern Gospel artists. Song Garden looks forward to working with Rick in his new capacity, along with making good use of the many talents the Webb family can contribute to the recording company.

The Song Garden office will be moved from Nashville to North Carolina - closer to the original Keffer partners, and to the Webbs, thereby conducive to more active involvement of the partners. The Keffers have long wished to be more involved with their artists and the day to day business of the company. The move will enable Song Garden to use some outstanding regional studios, as well as continuing to offer Nashville recording sessions with associates there.

David Staton has headed up operations for Song Garden in Nashville for the last eight years, and is credited with much of the growth and numerous innovative ideas during that time. Song Garden's niche has long been assisting up and coming groups to grow and improve, and provide high quality, yet affordable recording options via their Grapevine label. The intermediate level artists are offered the Garden Creek label, while the most successful artists are on the main Song Garden label. All will be served out of the new office in North Carolina after October 14th of this year.

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