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Brian and Angela Monehan Shoot Two Debut Music Videos

Singer/songwriter, husband and wife duo Brian and Angela Monehan, recently completed shooting two debut concept videos in Historic Natchez, MS. The concept videos will highlight two songs from their 'Lyrics of Our Lives' project; "Miracles Every Day" and "Where My Heart Longs To Be".

Brian and Angela are not new to Southern Gospel as Brian spent several years touring with Kevin Spencer & Friends and Angela toured many years with her family, The Perry Sisters. For much of the past 9 years they have served as pastors at churches in Little Rock, AR and Natchez, MS.

Over the years Brian and Angela have continued to sing and write songs and have developed that unique husband and wife harmony that is easily identifiable when you hear their music. For the past 2 years they have had a publishing relationship with Mansion Entertainment and continue to perform their music in concerts and conferences.

The video production was done in conjunction with PEBN (Pathway Enterprises Broadcasting Network) under the direction of John Mathis. PEBN currently produces several popular Southern Gospel and Inspirational Country TV shows that are seen on several major national networks such as Daystar, TNN, RURAL TV and others. 'SpiritFest', 'Nashville Country Revival' and 'America Sings' are some of the most popular PEBN produced shows.

Release of both videos is scheduled for mid-to-late September via social media and television programs.

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