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UPDATE: Sunday, September 15- Tracy Stuffle Health Updates(Stroke)

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UPDATE: September 15- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Wow, where do I start? This has been a very busy week and it's finally coming to an end and Lord tarry His coming we will be starting on another new week tomorrow. 

Spent time in between Lebanon, TN and Louisville, KY this week. The NQC is over for another year and ended it's 20 year tenure in Louisville and will be moving to Pigeon Forge, TN for next year. NQC is always a very tiring week, but for me this year it was even more so trying to be there and in Lebanon on days off. But, it's all worth it!! I am just overwhelmed at the many hundreds of people who came by our booth to encourage not only Tracy and I, but our group. It's a great feeling to know that soooooooooo many people are lifting us up in prayer on a daily basis! By Saturday, I was beginning to get overwhelmed by so much love and support! Then Dean Hopper topped it off on the grand finale on stage Saturday night after we sang. To see thousands of people on their feet showing their love and support was almost more than this little 4'8 body could contain! Thank you to everyone who has held us up and loved us through the past 8 months. Only when you get to heaven will you know how grateful our hearts have been for you!!!! We love you each of you and pray God blesses you soooooo much, you just cannot contain it all! 

Now, on to Tracy! He had a overwhelming week of finding out he's gonna be going home in a week or so. He didn't sleep at all for 3 days!!! Literally NO SLEEP!!! His mind has been going 100 miles per hour! He was awake when I got into the rehab this morning around 3am. He gave me the biggest smile I've seen him have in 8 months!! I walked over and cuddled him up in me arms and just held him for about 20 or 30 minutes. He was just giggling and smiling! My niece Brittany Johnson DeVault said she had been trying to get him to smile and talk all night, but he wouldn't do nothing for her! LOL I ask him if he missed me and he shook his head in a big yes!!! I missed him too!!!!! I finally tried to get him to go to sleep and he faked it long it enough for me to get in bed. I had to get up to go to the restroom and he was wide awake!!! He didn't sleep all night!! We got up and got him bathed and in his chair by about 11:30am. We watched Dr. Stanley and then he started watching a football game til friends dropped in. Then we went outside and it was absolutely beautiful and felt so good. We had some more friends from Alabama that dropped by while we were outside. We laughed and he giggled for a long time. JK came and we talked and laughed. Tracy started crying telling JK how proud he was of him and what he had been doing with the group! It was a moment! We stayed outside until the mosquitos got tired of us and ran us off! We came inside and Tracy I think was asleep before his head hit the pillow when we got him back in bed. I pray he sleeps all night!! He was so tired! We had such a great day outside!!! Felt like a great fall day!!! 

I'm thinking I may just hit the sack early too tonight!!! My voice is almost gone from so much talking and I am just a little tired. 

We are still praying for the all the bugs (infections) to be killed totally from Tracy's body once and for all!!!! Don't know when we will be getting another culture to update. Just keep praying and bleeding the blood over these bugs that they are DEAD in their tracks!!!! In Jesus' Name!!!!"


UPDATE: September 11- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Well, looks like we will be going home in a couple of weeks!! It was a shock to me when the Dr. came in and talked to me today. With the set backs, especially this last one with the 3 bugs of infections, Tracy is worn out and he's not tolerating the 3 hours per day therapy as well as before he got these last bugs. So, she feels it's in his best interest to go home and try to get rid of these bugs and let him rest to get stronger. During this time, he will have in home therapy to come in and work with him, plus what I would give him. She also feels like he has gotten tired of being in a hospital type atmosphere. So, she said this will probably be a boost for him to get into a familiar home environment being he's been down for almost 8 months. He will require 24/7 nursing to help with meds and stuff. When he is stronger and over these bugs, he can either come back to the rehab here or do outpatient therapy. They don't won't us spending money here for no more than he's been getting the past couple of weeks due to being a little weaker than before. This was totally a shock to me and took me a little while to soak in to my head! But, again I just have to trust God that this is all a part of His plan and will! Today when I was trying to figure all this out and think about what's ahead in front of me and us, I just got up and went to the bathroom and prayed for God to give me grace, wisdom and knowledge to do this, because this is totally not my plan but His! He's taken care of us this far and He's not gonna fail us now!! Every step we've taken has been for the better and I am just trusting HIM that this is too! His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! He sees this whole picture, we only see a small portion. So, here goes another lesson for me in TRUSTING HIM!!! 

This does not mean at all that we are not gonna be working with Tracy to get better or progress!!! I told Tracy this evening in front of his Dad and Mom that this only means more hard work! I learned with my Mom's stroke 13 yrs ago what tough love is all about! I love him too much to see him stay the way he is! I am a fighter!! I don't give up easy at all!!! So.........we will suit up and get ready for this next chapter in this journey! We will call it......WORK, WORK, WORK!

I know I have ask, begged and pleaded for you all to keep praying and you will never know how much I appreciate every prayer!!!!! But, let me ask again not only to pray for Tracy and his progress and these bugs to die, but please pray for me and JK that God will give us strength, wisdom and knowledge to prepare for the next step! It will be good to be home and have a change of scenery and we will both appreciate that and the fact of being able to be home with JK more and being a family unit! 

Now, if any of you have any kind of equipment that we could use, buy or rent that would help us with transfers, bathing, working out, please let me know. You can in box me if you would like. We are looking at needing several things like, a suction machine, maybe oxygen machine (he's not on oxygen now, but they said it would be good to have.) Standing frame or any therapy items. I am having to learn all of this stuff, so any advice (good, not bad!) would be appreciated! :0)"


UPDATE: September 8- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"We had a incredible day today!!! Tracy got to sleep in late because he doesn't have therapy on Sundays. We got him up in his chair. We had sweet friends from OK Mark and Debra Lee Goucher Nicholson come to see Tracy! Then, as we were taking Tracy outside, Dr. Jerry Goff dropped in!! We had a great time of fellowship and Tracy even gave them a little concert! He loved being outside. After everyone left, we were just sitting outside under the awning and JK drives up. We always look forward to him coming every day that he is home! We finally came inside for Tracy and JK to watch some football on TV before JK had to leave out going to Louisville, KY. After JK left and the football game went off, tennis came on and Tracy watched that. Then the Dallas Cowboys came on. Tracy didn't won't to go to bed til the game was over, but after the 3rd qtr the nurses put him to bed and he stayed awake til the end! Thank heavens the Boys won!!! Tracy's had a great weekend of winners with Tennessee Vols and Cowboys both winning!

Tracy had to have a CT scan done yesterday (Saturday). Mainly to just make sure nothing has changed in his head. This past week was a challenging week for him, but I think he's just weak from the infection bugs and being in bed for two weeks before he came back to the rehab here. The CT scan didn't show any changes, so that's good! Praise the Lord!!! He also had a EEG done this week after he had a absence seizure and it came back normal! Another Praise the Lord!!! Some where in the hospital they cut his seizure med in half and we don't know why. So, after the light seizure this past week, the Dr here at rehab increased it. They have also increased his feeding tube feeds because he weighs 174 lbs., so they are trying to get that up some. His blood pressure has been creeping back up again! Some adjustment in the meds has been done, so we will see how it goes. 

Lord willing, I will be going to Louisville, KY this week to the National Quartet Convention on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There's no way I can be gone the whole week, so I will be driving back and forth three hours each way. ANYBODY GOT A PLANE?? LOL
I may get to stay up on Friday, but I'm just not sure yet. We sing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Pray for me while traveling!"


UPDATE: September 2- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Seriously is it September already?? I told Tracy this morning when I was shaving him the day and month and I told him he had hibernated through the whole year almost! He just grinned!

I am so proud of him today, he went through his therapy today incredible!!! The speech therapist is fired up about him. She even gave him homework that we will work on this evening! My brother in law Christopher Reed gave him a microphone last night. He's been using it all day singing into it! I really think it's kicked in on him wanting to sing again! PRAISE THE LORD!!! He followed every command and then some! This is such a big progress and miracle from last week. 

The have changed his antibiotics again to try to kill the acinetabactor bug along with the MRSA and the other bug. I have been pleading the blood over all this mess and believing God is gonna destroy this stuff once and for all. I'm sure they will be doing more cultures in another day or so. Keep praying Saints!!"


UPDATE: August 31- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Been a quiet few days. Tracy had a little bit of depression after going back to rehab on Monday evening. For about three days he wouldn't do any of his therapy. I think he felt weaker and knew all the pneumonia stuff has set him back about 2 to 3 weeks. We have all talked to him and encouraged him that he is gonna get better. Friday, he had a great day. Did pretty much everything he was ask to. So, I think he's beginning to pull out of it. Dr said this was all normal. 

Also, we've been waiting on culture results that were taken Monday or Tuesday on the sputum. The results came back today still positive for the acinetobacter. Not what we wanted to hear, but we deal with it. They will keep him on the antibiotics a while longer. I'm sure they will do another culture in the next day or so. I'm praying they don't have to put him on the antibiotics that will cause major damage to the kidneys. 

The Kingsmen dropped by to encourage him last night. He sang a couple songs for them and they sang a couple for him. He enjoyed seeing Ray Dean and all the guys! 

I am on the road with the group. We are in Thomasville, GA tonight at Municipal Bldg and Ringgold, GA in the morning. Thanks to my sister Debra Perry-Reed for staying with Tracy this weekend. Also, to Valerie Pearcey who stayed last night til Deb got there! Forever grateful!"


UPDATE: Monday, August 19th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Everything looks better. They have cultured the sputum again again to make sure bug is gone before trying to go back to rehab, because rehab can't take him until it is gone. White blood cell counts down to 10,000 (norm 5000 to 11,000).
Magnesium is a tiny bit up in kidneys. Kidney function still look the same as before. The respitory therapist came in and lowered his oxygen down to 28 and his oxygen stat is still 100%! Praise God!!!! Praying all of this keeps improving!!!

He seems a little down but, then again who wouldn't be! I think he feels like he's never gonna get past all of this. Wednesday will be 7 months since this journey began, 108 days of being in ICU and a total of 154 days in a hospital and 55 days in a rehab facility. I'm sure he would love to be home! Just pray for God to lift his spirits. I try everything but standing on my head! LOL

God, You are our great and wonderful Father, Provider and Healer!!! We praise You and glorify Your name for all that has been done in the past 7 months!!! This journey has been long and hard, but You have been faithful to keep Your hands on us! You know every need before we pray and ask, so we pray that every need be met both physically and mentally! Uplift and encourage Tracy beyond what he can ever imagine! Father, You are the best companion and daddy ever!!!! I love You!!!'"


UPDATE: Friday, August 16th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr Gounder just came in with good news! White blood cell counts down from 13,000 to 11,100 (norm is 5000 - 11,000)! Thank You God!!! 

The acinetobacter is NOT growing in any of the cultures!!! Praise God!!!

Lung X-ray looks sooo much better and sounds sooo much!!!!

Kidneys function has come up some with magnesium going down!!! Another Praise God!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!! Please don't stop!!!!!! "


UPDATE: Thursday, August 15th- 12pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr just came in. Blood count down from 15,000 to 13,000. Lungs look and sound a little better. Kidneys are a tiny bit worse today as far as crititen. Magnesium is SLOWLY coming down. Cultures are still not growing anything in lungs. Hoping to keep him on the antibiotics he's on now so as to not cause anymore kidney damage. Kidney Dr is gonna do one treatment of dialysis just to get magnesium down today.

Keep praying!!!! God is Jehovah Rapha and we are trusting Him and His will!

God, we praise You and thank You for bringing us this far!! You know the plan You have for our lives before we are ever formed in our Mother's womb. God, I trust You to do Your will. Tracy is in Your hands and You know the needs for his body! Give me grace and strength to stay strong!!! We are Your children and You will take care of us!! I love You Father with all of my heart!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, August 14th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr just came in. Cultures are not growing anything so far. That's a good thing. Kidneys are about the same. Magnesium is still a little high in the kidneys, but they want to give them another day before deciding to do a treatment of dialysis. White blood cell count was 11,600 yesterday, today it's 15,000. Normal white blood cell count is 5000 to 11,000. That could be caused from all the medications. May take another day to settle down. He's had no fever, that's good! His heart rate is good. Blood pressure has been good. So, it's just gonna be a slow process. Kidneys is their main concern right now.

Still trusting and believing! God's will, God's plan!"


UPDATE: Monday, August 12- 10:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:


Dr just came in. I am having to gown up from head to toe. The acinetobacter is resistant to all the antibiotics. Other words, the antibiotics are NOT working. They are calling in infectious disease Dr to see what else can be done. Last resource is to call FDA to see if they have something that is not on the market that they might can try. It's also putting a little strain on his heart. He has had a small heart attack, not in the sense of a "heart attack" as we know. The infection has damaged some of the heart cells so they call it a heart attack. His kidneys are only working about 25% also because of infection. Dr says they have a lot of work in front of them! They are moving to a third line antibiotic that might work, but it damages the kidneys even more. 

All I can do is pray for grace! I am still standing on God's Word! It's not my will but His will be done! None of this has caught God by surprise. He is the great Physician!!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, August 11- 7pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy is back in ICU. Pneumonia is worse. Kidneys not functioning the way they would like. I am just getting to the hospital from the road."


UPDATE: Thursday, August 8- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted this video on Facebook:




UPDATE: Wednesday, August 7- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"It's been a long day, so I am gonna hit the high spots tonight and will update more tomorrow.
I'm worn out and trying to stay awake to write this. 😴

Got to the hospital to have camera put in trach to see if it had a blockage. After reviewing Tracy's past history, they wanted to do procedure on OR, but it wasn't available til tomorrow (Thurs). I couldn't do tomorrow because JK is having 3 wisdom teeth extracted in the morning. (Please pray for him!!) So they moved it to Friday morning. While waiting on the infectious disease doctor to come in, the pulmonary dr came in and started looking at trach and discovered tissue growing through top of hole inside upper cannula. He had a different trach without the hole put in, so that meant no camera testing!! This made me happy!! We will start next week once again with capping the trach for a couple of days and then a home sleep study test. If all goes good, the trach can come out!!! Please pray with us on this!!!

Infectious disease dr finally came in and said, the three things MRSA, acinetobacter and pseudomonas was colonized only in trach area. Praise The Lord!!! 
 They found a antibiotic that would work on the acinetobacter and he was already on antibiotics for the other two!! He will take these antibiotics for 10 days. Needless to say Tracy was worn slap out by the time we got back to the rehab! And so was I! 

We prayed for excellent report and got it!!! Goooo GOD Goooo!!! 
 By the way, I wore my Go GOD Go shirt today!!"



UPDATE: Tuesday, August 6- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"They say Tracy has MRSAin his secretions, acinetobacter and pseudomonas. Treating MRSA and pseudomonas with antibiotics here. Has to go to UMC in morning at 8 to have trach checked to see if it has mucus build up at the end of it. So they will run camera down trach to see and treat. Then infectious disease dr will be there to discuss antibiotics that will work on the acinetobacter because it is resistant to most antibiotics. They said he should be able to come back to rehab. I am believing that God is bigger than all of this!! The devil is just mad!!! Wind you have howeled long enough, be still in the Name of Jesus!!!!"


UPDATE: Thursday, July 25- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Everybody is messaging me wanting to know how the barium swallowing test went with Tracy today. Vanessa, his speech pathologist said it was a lot better than what she was expecting. He didn't handle the water consistency very well. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a safe zone yet and we don't won't to compromise anything as good as things are going. The next stage to that is nectar and it was a little better, but still not safe enough for him. The honey consistency stage was good! She also tried him with puree veggies and he did great with that. Did puree meat and it was a little sticky and some of it kinda sit in a pocket. So, we know he's not quite ready for the puree meat. Vanessa will give me a game plan in the morning as to what she is gonna do next. She wanted to look over the test again to make sure she seen everything. She is very safe with what she wants for him and that makes me feel good. I don't care to wait a few more days if it keeps Tracy in a safe zone. She said he may have aspirated maybe 20 to 25%, which was better than she thought it would be. So, we will see in the morning what her plan is gonna be. 

We were waiting for the wheel chair van to pick us up at the hospital after the test this afternoon and Tracy said my name is a sound a little above a whisper!! Then he said Jared's name. This is a start and will only get stronger as he progresses along. Made my day for sure!!!! Praise the Lord!!

Yesterday, he was able to stand 4 times with the therapist helping him. This was not in the standing frame, but them picking him up out of the chair and standing him. By the time he did the last one, his blood pressure dropped a little on him and they sit him down. They were thrilled that he was able to do that 4 times. He's coming along and it's exciting to see the progress that God is allowing him to make just in two weeks!!! He's really working hard and fighting to do his part."


UPDATE: Tuesday, July 23- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy got to eat a mashed up banana this morning during speech!!! He loved it!!!! They will be doing a barium swallowing test on Thursday this week at 1:00pm. Barium swallowing test is a medical imaging procedure used to examine the upper GI (gastrointestinal) tract, which includes the esophagus and, to a lesser extent, the stomach. If he everything looks good, this will allow him to start eating regular food and get rid of the feeding tube!! So, I am believing God for an excellent report!!!! Goooo GOD Goooo!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, July 15th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy on his feet standing for the first time in almost 6 months, with the help of a standing frame!! This is his PT Stephanie and OT Cheryl. He stood for 20 minutes!! PTL!! God is soooo good!!!!!! Praise Him Saints!!!!!!"


UPDATE: July 13th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"We are at a new for real "Rehab Center!!" Tracy was moved here this evening. It's very aggressive therapy 6 days a week! He will be off on Sundays. It's in Lebanon, but it's not a nursing home, but a real rehab facility! Please pray he will be able to tolerate at least 3 hours or more of therapy per day! 

I really feel this is a total God thing! He can have visitors of close friends and family, but only after 5pm til 9pm daily. We ask that it remain close friends and family only. He's gonna be so tired after working hard everyday. 
Please pray that the pneumonia will totally be destroyed and never come back!!! Pray for Tracy's strength and endurance!! Pray he has no more seizures!"


UPDATE: Sunday, July 7th- 11:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Things are quiet tonight. Have been all day. Things seem to be pretty stable. Blood pressure is still elevated on the bottom side. Dr is working on tweaking his Meds some more to get it more leveled out. Heart rate has been good. They are weaning him off the trach a little at a time. They don't won't to do it to quick. He has had 4 big bowel movements this evening after being given enemas. Not sure why Rehab center didn't do this a week and half ago! I have told them almost every day he hadn't had a movement. They gave him Meds but not enemas. Yep, this will be addressed when we get back. 

Tracy is very, very tired. He's been awake more this evening and moving more. But you can tell he is tired. We should be able to tell in the morning from new blood work how things are doing as far as number wise. "


UPDATE: Sunday, July 7th- 11am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr just came in and said Tracy has a touch of pneumonia on left side. No UTI. Blood cell count is down to 18,000 from 27,000. Feels like bowels being backed up threw everything out of whack. That made potassium high and electrolytes high. all this would bring on seizures. So they are loading him with enemas. He said everything seems to be slowly returning to normal. Taking him off vent here in a little bit. 

You can tell Tracy is very tired, but looks better this morning! Thanks prayer warriors for bombarding the throne room on Tracy's behalf!!!! Been a long night, but the Son is shining bright this morning!!! Once again Isaiah 41:10 comes to life!!! 

God, I still praise You and thank You for everything in our lives!!! I still trust You, regardless of our circumstances!!! You are worthy of ALL our praise and thanks!!!! I love You!!!"


UPDATE: Saturday, July 6th- 6pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy's had 3 seizures. He's stable. They still won't let me go back. Don't know anything else. Will update when I find out more! 
It's all in God's hands and I am still trusting Him!!!"


UPDATE: Saturday, July 6th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Here's the latest: Along with having 3 seizures, he also has a urinary tract infection. Which could have brought on the seizures. All this caused his heart rate to go up over 200 and potassium which messes with the heart. He's back on trach. He's on several drips and they have him sedated. Dr said, he's very sick!! They just moved him to ICU. 

To those who want to throw at me, where's your God now? And say, I thought you said God was healing him. I still stand on God's Word regardless of what you may say to me!!!! God is still here, He still has His hands on Tracy!!!! No, I don't know what God's will or plan is, but I still choose to stand flat footed and trust Him!!! Whatever God's will is, He has us covered with His hands!!! He IS our strong tower and shelter in the storm!!! He has us under His wings and shielding us!!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, July 5th- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"OK finally getting a chance to sit down and do a update on Tracy! The past week has been super duper incredible with the progress that he's had in therapy!! God has absolutely been showing out this week! He's kicking the ball over 30 times! He is fist pumping is left hand up in the air about 30 times! He's raising his upper torso up from chair! He's mouthing words! Last night out of the blue he said I love you! I had my head laying on his chest and he put his left arm around me!! He rubbed my hair and face! He's holding his head up for as long as he's up in his chair which sometimes maybe 5 hours! At night in bed if he doesn't won't the covers on his left arm he moves it! These are just some of the high spots!! Yes, I have been on shouting ground along with his therapists and techs. It's simply been amazing at the fight he has got!!! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!!!!!!

The trach is still in. The respiratory therapist is wanting to wait a few mores days before removing it. They want him to swallow a little bit better. I said, I've waited 5 months, it's ok to wait a little longer! Better to be safe than sorry!!!"


UPDATE: June 12, 10am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"What a difference a day makes! Tracy had a mucus plug yesterday while I was gone to auditions. My mother in love called me and said his oxygen stat fell to the 40s. 5 or 6 people were working on him trying to get his stat back up. About the same time we had about 30 something people who decided before the auditions started that they wanted to pray for Tracy. So JK and I stood in for him and you talk about praying!!!! It was on!!!! Little did we know what was happening back at the hospital! The respiratory therapist finally got him cleared out and settled back down. Since then he's done good! He had a pretty restful night and been resting good this morning. I think they've finally got his blood pressure Meds where they need to be because his blood pressure has been incredible the past 24 hrs. Heart rate has been sooo much better! Dr said if all his blood work comes back in the morning good, he may get to head back to rehab tomorrow. Dr he's had this week has been really good and on top of everything. "


UPDATE: June 11, 8:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy was moved to a regular room last night about 8pm. He's done well with not having any bleeding other than some old blood. 

I woke up at 3:30am this morning to the sounds of him struggling to breathe. He sounded full. I suctioned him really good and got him calmed back down. His heart rate went down also after that. They came in and did a chest X-ray and he has pneumonia in the upper left lobe of his left lung. So now with already having it in the lower part of both lungs now this. So they started him on another antibiotic. He had the pneumonia vaccine shot last week, but not sure it's helping. Please pray for him. His body is just worn out from all of the stuff it's went thru. 

God, we still praise You thru another issue of the pneumonia, but know that You have allowed this to happen for a reason. You are all knowing and all seeing, so You know our needs before we ever pray. God, Your will be done. Holy Spirit take charge of our thoughts and keep us focused on God and His goodness!!! I love You and Praise Your Holy name!!"


UPDATE: June 9, 10pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Ok here's the verdict.....hemorrhoids! CRAZY I know, but that's what the GI doctor told me. I couldn't believe it!! I didn't know they could bleed that much with clots. He hasn't bled since 5pm and if he doesn't by tomorrow they will move him to a reg room. They also have him on cardene drip for his blood pressure. His heart rate is elevated also. So much excitement for him!! Please pray for all of this to return to normal the way God intended it to be!!!

You know I am gonna have to use more hair color to cover all the grey that I have archived from the past 4 and half months! But, once we get past these hurdles it will be worth it! 

God, Your plan may bum fuzzle us, but we know You make no mistakes! So, we will keep on trusting, praising and lifting Your name on high!!! Thank You merciful Father for Your love, grace and mercy!!! Thank You for Your miracles unending for us!!! Help us to stay focused on You and not the issues that so easily beset us!!! I love You Father God!!! You are worthy to be praised!!!"


UPDATE: June 9, 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has been put back in ICU from complications of colonoscopy. He has been passing blood for the past 48 hrs. The GI Dr is gonna be doing another colonoscopy in his ICU room within the next hour to see what the problem is and to see if it's fixable. He's lost a fair amount of blood, but is not needing blood at this moment. Of course Tracy's blood pressure is high and it really needs to come down. 

I will update as soon as I know something! Still trusting God that He's working all things for our good!!! NOT giving up nor giving in!!!"


UPDATE: June 7, 3:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy will be heading back to Rehab in Lebanon this afternoon. He has MRSA in his secretions so he will be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Hoping we get back there before administrator leaves so I can get things handle with his Meds being given on time and gloves and gowns being worn. Pray this transition back will be trouble free!"


UPDATE: June 6, 12:30pm- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!!!! NO mass!!!! Nothing was there but a couple of polyps and the Dr removed those!!!!!!! Goooooo GOD Goooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!!! Praise Him Saints!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: June 5, 11:33am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr just came in. CT scan on Tracy's stomach area shows either an infection at top of colon or a mass. GI dr will be by to look at CT and will decide what to do next. Probably be tomorrow before he can do camera images up in colon. 

I choose to believe the report of The Lord!!!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, May 26, 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Sitting here in Tracy's room on this beautiful day. Watching my precious Sweet T as he sleeps. I am letting him sleep as much as he can, cause sleep is good for his brain and it's healing. He had speech a little bit ago and did good.

He will be transferred Friday afternoon to the new skilled nursing "vacation home" and rehab center. We choose to call it a "vacation home" because he is not old for one and he's not gonna stay there long! :0) Why do these places want to have names that only sound like it's for old people? We thought he would be moved this weekend or tomorrow, but forgot that it was a holiday weekend. And, I will be going out with the group Lord willing, Tuesday night and fly back home Friday morning. It's not at all what I want to do, but Leah has a graduation and the other fill ins I sometimes use already had things going. Thank God my brother Randy will be coming to stay with Tracy while I'm gone. He's as tough as I am with making sure things are done right.

Lord willing after the groups vacation in June, I will be trying to do more dates as I can. Some dates will require me to fly because I cannot be away for long periods of time until Tracy is able to talk for himself."


UPDATE: Saturday, May 11, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy is being moved back to Kindred sometime today. The doctors feel that he has improved greatly in the past couple of days and that he's ready to head back and start back on the road to recovery!!! And yes......I am trusting God and expecting nothing less than a full recovery, in God's time!!!! I know there's a lot of doubters out there who will say, I just don't know about that. Well, it's your choice to be a doubting Thomas!!!! I choose to BELIEVE AND TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD!!!! The world has always been filled with doubting Thomas' from the beginning of time and will be til the very end of time!! What a miserable life to live always doubting God. It's been a 111 days and we are still here, a live and breathing!!! That's a miracle within it's self!! I hope and pray that if you are a doubting Thomas, that God will show you just as he did Thomas himself, that HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS!!!! AND "NOTHING" IS TOO HARD FOR HIM OR IMPOSSIBLE!!! I've already experienced one major miracle this week that to man looked totally impossible, but to God it wasn't nothing!!!! Don't go through life always doubting, start trusting God and see how different life can be."


UPDATE: Thursday, May 9, 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Sorry I haven't updated in the past 24 hours but been waiting on test results and blood cultures to come back on Tracy's pneumonia and his latest CT scan this morning. 

The CT scan this morning from Tracy's brain shows that the shunt is doing it's thing. The old blood from the ventricles from the last bleeds he had several weeks ago has decreased!! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!! It will take several more weeks and maybe months for all the blood to dissolve. The little pocket of spinal fluid near the shunt is better! So, everything with the brain is improving! Gooooo GOD Goooooo!!!!!!

The pneumonia shows sign of clearing up. Tracy has been more awake today than he's been in several days. He's been trying to watch ESPN. Sometimes he just tires out and falls back to sleep. Dr. Ulm said anyone with pneumonia would be sleepy, tired and not feel good. He said give him time to get over this and we should see some progress. The secretions are not all yellow and green anymore, but a white color. So, we may be heading back to Kindred tomorrow. I just want him to be better before he goes anywhere!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, May 7, 8:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Well, Tracy was admitted back to the hospital last night after having CT scan and X-ray. He has pneumonia, which I found out this evening from Kindred where he was at, that he came there with pneumonia. Surprised me! No one told me anything about it! Ugh!!! So, they have him on 3 different kinds of antibiotics to make sure they have good coverage in case there's infection somewhere else. Should have cultures back in next 48 hrs. 

CT scan showed a little pocket of fluid on the right side of brain, that was there after putting the shunt in had a little more fluid than 3 weeks ago on last CT scan. Not a significant amount, but more than before. Dr. Darice Spackmen (Dr. Ulm's PA) came in this evening and opened up the shunt pressure to let more fluid be released. He will have another CT scan done tomorrow to make sure it's doing the job. 

Tracy's temp is back to normal tonight!!! Praise God!!!! 

PT worked with him this morning by sitting him on edge of bed and he did very well considering him being tired from a long night of getting settled in. He even balanced for a few seconds on his own. 

Speech and OT will be by to work with him tomorrow. Praying he has strength from God to do great!! 

Don't have a clue as to how long we will be here, praying not long!! Ready to move forward in the name of Jesus!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, May 6, 10:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"CT scan showed the area where the little pocket of fluid was right after shunt was put in has gotten a tiny bit bigger, so Dr Ulm is going to program shunt to release more fluid in the morning. Dr Ulm said fluid is not really a concern. But he has pneumonia in the upper right lobe of lung, so he said it could cause him to act the way he has been past couple of days. So we will be here at the hospital a day or two to get all this fixed. 

Please keep praying!!! Just a bump in the road!"


UPDATE: Saturday, May 4, 1pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Well, we are settled in at Kindred in Nashville. Tracy seemed to have a good night last night. The people here are very kind. They gave Tracy a room with two beds, one for him and one for me, so I can stay with him at night! I am one blessed individual! I will stay with him at night for a couple of weeks to get him settled and adjusted and then I may try to go home for a night here and there. I haven't slept in our bed at home since January 15. I've only been home three times for a couple of hours each time. We will see how things go. 

Tracy woke up with a little bit of a fever this morning. He's been coughing up secretions in a fair amount. Praying the fever goes away, in Jesus' Name!!!!"


UPDATE: Thursday, May 2, 11:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Wow, where do I start this update at? Today has been filled with so many emotions on so many different levels!!

First off: Tracy will be going to a rehab/hospital facility tomorrow (Friday)!!! Yeah, this came about today. It's a acute rehab/hospital facility, so he won't be having to go to a nursing home. It's actually the place where Mike Bowling works some days when at home doing respiratory therapy. It's called Kindred Hospital. The majority of their patients have trachs, so they work toward weaning the patient off the trachs, while at the same time getting PT, OT and speech therapy. This move is a little bit overwhelming for me. I guess cause we've been here at Baptist for 103 days and it's been like our home. I am sooo happy for the progress and the step forward and thank God for it. I don't know how to explain it........kinda like getting married and moving away from home I guess. I hope you understand what I'm saying! But, any ways it's a big step forward!!! Kind of strange too that my motel room was paid up through today! So, I went and cleared everything out tonight. Thanks to Krista Watson and Zach Kennedy for the help packing my little Sadie Bell (my car) full of stuff from 3 months! I will be able to stay with Tracy at this facility at night or I will be a little closer to home and can just go home if I need to. For the first week or so I will stay there with him and then maybe go home some at night. I just hate leaving him!!! But, we will see what happens. Y'all pray that this transition will go great and we can both adjust to this next big step! 

Tracy did GREAT in speech therapy today. He made the therapist cry!! She worked with him on word recognition to see if he was comprehending what we were saying. She wrote things on cards for him to do and held them up to him to read to see if he would do it. HE DID!!!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!! She put a straw in his hand and held up two pictures, one of a cup and the other a key. She ask him to point to the cup, HE DID!!!!! He answered every question right!!! The therapist started crying and said, he's in there!!! He's comprehending what we are saying. Just gonna take some time on the talking part. Gotta get all those muscles back to working. She also worked with him on swallowing again and he did good on that. He kept the speaking valve on for almost 45 minutes today. All the nurses came in the room and said, we heard he did great in speech today, that's all Joy (the therapist) was talking about!!! :0) AIN'T GOD SOOOOO GOOD?????? GOOOOOO GOD GOOOOO!!!!

The OT came in and worked with him on his arms and hands range of motion and we seen some movement on the right side again. Not, big movements but enough that we know it is there!! His OT is wanting to stay in touch because she wants to see his progress. She is the sweetest person ever!!!

We have sooooo much to be thankful for tonight!!!!!!! God has been answering prayers left and right!!!! Still got a long journey in front of us, but God is seeing us through it!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, April 29, 10:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy did great in speech and physical therapy today!!! They worked together with him. He said my name faintly. He tried counting! They worked with him on smiling. He kept the speaking valve on for 35 mins! They had him picking up a Kleenex and wipe his mouth. Turning his head as much as he could. I was almost about to shout!!! 100 days and it's progress!!!! God is good!!!!!"


UPDATE: Saturday, April 27- 8:15pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"I figured I should give y'all an update being that I didn't do one yesterday. Yesterday was a very frustrating day and the night before. Tracy's oxygen level the night before kept getting below 90 and one time as low as 82. I would suction him out and it would come back up where it was suppose to, but then start going back down slowly. At one point he threw up cause the secretions were so thick he started gagging. So, I was up all night watching him to make sure he didn't throw up again and that he was suctioned out. I guess I ticked the night nurse off with trying to keep Tracy cleaned out and so the yesterday morning, they came in and changed his trach from a T collar to a trach collar. By doing this, I can't suction him, only the nurse or the respiratory therapist which up to this point only came in to change the water canister. The doctor came in to see what my concerns were and I told him and the charge nurse. He ordered that Tracy get a breathing treatment and suctioning every 4 hours if needed. This has made things better for Tracy. 

Another issue we had was the dr had put Tracy on a muscle relaxer for his left hand and arm. Well, this absolutely knocked him out for almost two days. He would try waking up and might stay awake 5 mins and would be right back asleep. He was soooo out of it yesterday he couldn't even hardly function for physical therapy and speech. He would just have a blank stare when he was awake. I finally told the nurse that I did not want him on it anymore. We will deal with the hand and arm and work a little longer on getting the stiffness out. I woke up at 5:20am and Tracy was awake and stayed awake til about 1:30pm. My niece Krisi Pilling and I decided to leave the hospital being I haven't left since Monday morning to go eat lunch while he slept. After we left the tech came in and bathed him. He is now asleep again.

Needless to say, yesterday I didn't even get out of my pajamas!! I never even left the hospital room. I was really frustrated and didn't care who knew it. Yes, I am human and I DO have my moments. After 98 days of being here, I think I deserve at least one day of being allowed to get it all out!!! 

Tracy was able to stay on the passy muir speaking valve for 20 minutes yesterday and was able to make some sounds!!! The therapist was impressed with him not laboring to breathe during those 20 minutes. He could have stayed on longer, but she had a meeting to go to. He wasn't given any thing to test his swallowing due to being so sleepy. Maybe Monday we can get back on track with making more progress on the swallowing and working toward getting the trach out!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, April 24- 9:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"The past couple of days have been drama free. Tracy resting and sleeping a lot. The neurologist put him on a muscle relaxer for his left hand and wrist, but it's knocking him out! So, I talked to the floor doctor this afternoon and told him I couldn't really see a difference in the hand and wrist, but did see a difference with him sleeping more since being given the muscle relaxer, so he reduced the dosage to half. I am hoping that this will help him stay awake a little more. 

Speech therapy has visited Tracy the past two days. They are performing swallowing test on him to see if he is able to swallow. He did well with ice chips. He did ok with one teaspoon of water, but the second one he coughed on. So that let them know it was going down the wrong way. But, that let them know where to start at with a program. Today, they removed the trach collar and put a passy muir speaking valve on to see how he would tolerate breathing through his nose and mouth. He did really well with it. Then the therapist gave him something that looked a little bit like stage 1 baby food fruit. She gave him several spoon fills and he tolerated eating this and swallowing it very well. He has a slight delay in swallowing, but it will get better. The therapist said she expected him to be much worst with him being in ICU for 93 days. I was thrilled to hear this! I am praying this is a step in the direction of getting this trach out soon!!!! I am thinking that they will work with him daily through the week with these steps of progression. 

The physical therapist came in Wednesday and set him up on the edge of the bed again. He seemed to be a little bit stronger in the neck. He has a little trouble with balancing, but this will all come in time. They will be back tomorrow (Friday) to do this again!! I am praying for God to strengthen him with a supernatural strength!"



UPDATE: Tuesday, April 23, 7pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"I've had a bunch of people texting and emailing wanting to know how our first night out in a regular room was after being in ICU for so long. It was good. Would be better if the nurses that we've had knew how to operate the trach that Tracy has. But, they are not familiar with it because it's mainly just used in ICU. I woke up about every hour checking on Tracy and listening to see if he needed suctioning. The night nurse tried several times, but she just didn't go down into the lungs far enough to get out the secretions that he had out. Then, when I would go to sleep, the IV buzzers or feeding tube would go off signaling that all the medicine or formula was out of the bags. Praying tonight will be better! :0)

I felt good this morning when one of the ICU nurses called me to check on us and then another one who taught me about the trach came to the room this afternoon to check on us. It's comforting to know that they are just down the hall if I need them. They have been so wonderful to Tracy and I.

Tracy has slept most of the day. I figured he would because he was awake for so long yesterday and last night. I just let him sleep because it's what his brain needs to heal. I did give him a bath this morning by myself, turning him and all! Wasn't too bad, but it's something that I do need to get help with. I also worked Tracy out after giving him a bath. By the time I finished it was almost 11am. I had about 20 text messages and phone calls on my phone when I was finished. I am trying to keep the same pattern in the regular room as I did in the ICU about not talking on the phone. I really want Tracy to get great rest and not have to be bothered with my phone ringing constantly and me talking on it. I hope those calling will understand. Again, if you have my number just text me! Texting works better for me any ways.

At some point and time this week, Tracy will be having a swallowing test done. Not sure to what extent, but we will see what happens. Tomorrow the PT will come in to sit Tracy on the edge of the bed again. Please pray that God will give him a supernatural strength to do what they want him to do."


UPDATE: Monday, April 22, 4:15pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Well, Tracy was moved out of ICU to a regular room this morning!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! It was scary and exciting at the same time!! Scary because we were leaving his security bubble that he's been in for the past 93 days. And, just about all of his good nurses were working today. We feel like family!! But, it was exciting because this proves that God has worked another great miracle!!! Thanks to Mike Bowling for coming by as we were moving to the new room. He was able to show me more stuff on the trach and breathing stuff. I just might turn out to be a pretty good respiratory therapist or nurse before this is all over! :0) 

The physical therapist came in before moving him and worked with him and he did really well. I knelt down in front of him and he was able to put his left arm around my neck and hugged me!!! Yeah, it felt great!!!! He's still very weak, but he's showing signs of slowly improving. As long as we are moving forward, we will take it slowly. 

He's been awake since 7am this morning. He's been watching TV. He has a room with a view of Nashville and the motel where I have been staying. I think he realized this morning that he had made a big step into recovering. 
This does not mean that he's ready to get back on the bus yet. He still has a long road in front of him, but I am expecting God to do a mighty work in the recovery mode too!!!! I have learned to just let God do what He does best and I will stay out of His way and let it happen in HIS time!! As the old tv show said, FATHER KNOWS BEST!!!! 



UPDATE: Friday, April 19- 11am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy is doing good! Thought we were going to a regular room today but, Dr feels he has a little too much secretions. So he said maybe tomorrow or Sunday. Better safe than sorry! 

He's been awake more this morning. He was awake when I got here this morning! I love it when he's awake. I always come in and say, hello Sunshine!!! Then I usually sing, You are my Sunshine! This morning he looked content while I was singing it to him! ;0)

When he does wake up, we watch the news coverage from Boston. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this tragedy! It's very sad that people can be so violent that they want to take the lives of innocent people! God help us all to be a light to this dark troubled world!!!! 

I will update later this evening if any changes here! I pray you all have a very blessed weekend!!!!" 


UPDATE: Wednesday, April 18, 11am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!! PT & OT therapists just got Tracy up on edge of bed and he was up for 20 mins. He kicked a little smiley face ball that I had for him several times with his left foot!!!! HAPPY dance!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! I told him to kick me and he tried! ;0) Held his head up pretty good too! His blood pressure/ heart rate/ oxygen level, everything was incredible during this whole time of sitting up!!! He looked a lot stronger today!! I really think this was a boost for him today!!!! I could see it in his eyes!!! I kept telling him over and over how proud I was of him and I am!!!! I also told him I was gonna go buy me a cheerleader's outfit to wear when he does therapy!!! Now, that would be a sight for poor eyes!!! Hehehehe!!!

Gotta do X-ray on Tracy's right shoulder. The therapist seem to think it's out of socket. Don't know how! 

PRAISE GOD for His mercy, grace and HIS strength!! In our weakness, HE is strong!!"


UPDATE: Monday, April 15, 10am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr. Ulm came in this morning and he doesn't know why all the concern last night. He said CT scan looked good. He said the spot that everybody thought was blood he says he's almost for sure it's spinal fluid. And it's only a very small spot. He was very pleased with the scan. He said, Tracy would have moments of being sleepy because of all his body has been through. 
Go GOD Go!!!!

The PT just came in and set him up on the edge of the bed! First time his feet have been on the floor in 84 days!! He did very well considering he's been in bed for 84 days. PT was impressed with the amount of strength he had with trying to hold his head up and not bobbing! He also knew where his center point of balance was. He did have to have support holding him up, but he was able to balance himself for several seconds! The PT said, for as long as he has been in bed, he did very well!!!! Whoop, whoop!!! Another big ole' Go GOD Go!!!!!!!!!!

Praise Him y'all!!!!!!! HE is WORTHY!!!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, April 14- 10:38pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy pretty well has had a good day. He seemed more sleepy today than yesterday. The nurse tonight called for a CT scan just to make sure everything is ok. The scan came back with a small amount of blood on the right side of brain. Dr. Ulm has ordered to start Tracy on Keppra, which is to prevent onset of seizures. People who have had or has blood on the brain are at a higher risk of seizures, which can cause set backs. They will continue to monitor Tracy closely and watch for any neuro changes or any other changes for that matter. He is still responding when awake. Some of sleepiness could be from anesthesia from surgery also. I will update tomorrow. I am trusting God and His will. Tracy is in His hands and none of this has caught God off guard! I am expecting excellent progress from here on out!!! I choose to praise God for all things He has done and is gonna do!!!! Satan and all his little demons might as well go to hell where they belong, because I rebuke them in the name of Jesus!!!! They have NO authority over Tracy or his body!!!!!"


UPDATE: Saturday, April 13th- From Libbi Perry's Facebook page:

Here is some video of Tracy as he writes and draws for Libbi!


In this one, Libbi drew a happy face and wanted Tracy to do the same. Instead, he added to it!



UPDATE: Thursday, April 11, 2pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"We have all clear on the infection in the brain!!!!! Praise The Lord and thank You Jesus!!! And it's a God thing because this new EVD drain that was replaced last Wednesday is blocked!!! It stopped working about 10 am this morning. So, here's the plan: Dr. Ulm just came in and tried to flush the line, but was unsuccessful. The plan is to put the shunt in sometime tomorrow. Tracy will be going for a CT scan here shortly to check the status of the brain and fluid. They will monitor him throughout the afternoon and evening for any neuro changes. If there's none, then the surgery will be tomorrow. But, if he does start having neuro changes, they may do it this evening after 7pm. Dr. Ulm had the feeding tube turned off just now, in case he has to do the surgery this evening. They will be placing the shunt in a different area with hopes of it not clogging up. I was told earlier by a nurse last week that the drainage tube on the shunt was larger than on the EVD. But, Dr. Ulm just said, no it's the same size.

Here's the prayer request:
For no neuro changes!!
No issues before, during or after surgery!!
NO bleeds before, during or after surgery!!
And NO clots that can cause the drain to block up!!!
For Dr. Ulm to trace God's hands during this surgery for the correct placement of the shunt!!
For God to give him and the other assistants in surgery knowledge and wisdom to do every procedure correctly."


UPDATE: Wednesday, April 10, 11:15am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Second day of CSF culture is CLEAR!!!! If clear tomorrow, will do shunt tomorrow or Friday! Praise The Lord!!!!!!!!! 

He's still going strong on the trach collar!!!! PTL!!!!!

He's moving his head from side to side on his own!!!! PTL!!!!

I went to Absolutely Gospel Awards last night in LaVernge, TN for a little bit during 6-8 when I can't be in ICU. I put Home Alone 1 & 2 on TV so he watched those while I was gone. Came back and I turned the channel to the golf coverage. Both are his favorites!!! This morning while I shaved him he was watching Three Stooges (original)! Then it was back to ESPN when I started working him out! Now, he is sleeping! 

I will updated later this evening! Keep praying Saints!!!!! Go GOD Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, April 5, 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Things have been rather quiet the past couple days for Tracy. He's rested great. When he wakes up, he's wide awake! Last night Matthew Holt stopped by on his way to meet the GVB bus and he actually got two smiles out of Tracy and a kiss on the cheek! Tracy's always thought of Matthew as a second son.

During his work outs this morning, one with me at 8am and his physical therapist, Tracy was able to touch his chin and nose!!! This is a pretty big deal. They have him back on the trach collar again today. Yesterday they let him rest after having drain and trach changed. But, today it's been back to work!! No rest for the weary! :0)

We are still waiting for the infection in the brain to clear up. They should be drawing more fluid Monday morning to see if the infection is gone. I'm praying and believing for an excellent report!!! God has the best reports of anyone!!

A big, big thank you to my Mother In Love, Grace!!!! She has kept me in clean clothes the past 74 days, along with JK!!! This has been a major big blessing to me!!!!!

My family has been incredible to try to be here as much as they can!! I know this is hard on them trying to manage their own lives and families!! But, I am forever grateful!!!

Thank You Sweet Jesus for such an incredible family that you've blessed me with. I never won't to take any of them for granted! Bless them all richly beyond what they can contain!!!! Thank You for all the miracles, blessings and mercies over the past 74 days!!! Your grace IS sufficient for EVERY need in our lives!!!!! I love You Father!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, April 3, 8:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has Staph RS infection on the brain and it has grown since yesterday. So, they will be changing the EVD drain cath again probably mid morning. They will be putting him on two more antibiotics and pray they work! Then if the infection is gone by Monday they will do the shunt Monday.Dr. Darice said there's a tiny little clot right around the end of the cath that is keeping this EVD from working! They were very upset to see that the infection has grown since yesterday! She said Dr Ulm has really done his best to make the insertion of the EVD as sterile as he possibly can. But, she and I both agreed God has a plan that we just can't see!

I haven't gotten several messages and emails from people who are concerned that I may be giving up on this fight. Let me remind you all, I am NOT a quitter, but a fighter!!!!! Until the last breath is drawn, I fight!!!! That's not to say that I don't get frustrated because I do! I'm human!!!! God has been very faithful to give me strength for the past 72 days!!! Yes, I am tired physically and mentally but that's normal!!! By God's grace and strength, we fight on!!!! Even Moses had to have Aaron his brother to hold his arms up for him!!!! I am forever grateful for everyone who has prayed a prayer and fasted!!! I pray you will continue on with me!!!!

I am gonna also ask that Tracy receive no visitors between now and Monday. Gonna try to keep as many germs down as possible. Even immediate family members I am asking for no physical contact!

Prayer Need Today:
For Dr. Ulm has he performs this 7th procedure! That he will trace God's hands!!

For the other medical staff who will be in the OR assisting.

For NO BLEEDS!!!! NO ISSUES before, during or after!!!

For God to kill this infection once and for all!!!!!

Dear Lord, I know You have a plan in this situation!! I can't see it, but I don't have too!! All I'm required to do is trust You and that I am doing!!! Give me an extra boost of strength and grace to carry on with this fight!!! I am thankful for everything You have done and You are doing in this matter!!! I do not won't to get in Your way!
I love You Lord more than ever!!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, April 2, 6:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Today has been an interesting day to say the least. 

The EVD drain has not worked all day. However, Tracy has been alert and been on trach collar all day and follows commands. 

Here's the plan for the next 24 hrs: 
They will be doing a new CT scan sometime tonight. If Tracy stays awake and responsive then they will consult the infectious disease dr in the morning to see where the infection is at in the brain. If it has cleared out, then they will proceed with putting the permanent shunt in. If the infection is still there then they will replace the EVD drainage cath again in the morning. If By chance Tracy were to become unresponsive through the night they will go ahead and replace the drain.

I will try to update as soon as we know what is gonna happen.

All prayers appreciated!!! Tracy is in God's hands and it's God's will not mine. None of this has taken God by surprise!"


UPDATE: Monday, April 1st, 11:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has had another quiet day. He was able to stay on the tracy collar for 10 hrs. today! That is really good, but really wore him out. He seemed to be ignoring me when I would talk to him. I think this is normal. Probably upset with me because I worked him out twice today! :0) We really don't have any idea what he's thinking or if he understands what all is going on. We just have to wait to see.

Dr. Darice drew fluid from the drainage cath tube this morning to send off to see if the infection has cleared up. The preliminary report shows good, but we will have to wait til about Wednesday or Thursday to get the final report before deciding on the day to do the shunt. Dr. Ulm said, this afternoon that he was gonna use every precautionary device he could use when putting the shunt in. He really wants us to pray for the procedure and for him! Please, be praying for him and the team that will be performing this surgery probably the end of the week."


UPDATE: Thursday, March 28, 10:45pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has rested well all evening. All his vitals were normal when I left the hospital a little bit ago. His ICP pressure was 8. The EVD was draining clear like it should! He was sleeping soundly tonight so I decided to come to the motel room early to get some extra sleep! I've already warned my sister and mom that I will probably snore tonight!!! ;0) 

Someone asked me earlier if i had broken my fast and the answer is no!!! we still have the shunt to go yet. They are looking at Monday for that, but will know more in a couple of days.

UPDATE: Praise God, praise God!!!!!!! It went great!!!!! NO bleed!!!!! And it's draining clear fluid!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!!!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Thursday, March 28, 10:00am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"They will be taking Tracy back to OR and start at 10:30am replacing the infected EVD with a new one. 

Pray for Dr Ulm and the whole team doing this procedure. The anesthesiologist said to please pray for him too!!! 

Prayer is: No issues and NO BLEEDS!!!!!! 
Believing for excellent report!!!!! In Jesus name!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 27, 11:45pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy's had a pretty good day. Just kinda let him rest to prepare for tomorrow ((Thursday) for EVD drainage cath to be removed and a new one inserted again due to infection. Praying, believing and trusting God and His will.

Tracy was running a bit of a fever when I left tonight and his blood pressure was a bit elevated. I'm thinking he may realize what is gonna take place tomorrow. I'm praying God calms him and gives him peace if he does realize what is going on.

I will update as soon as I know when they will be taking him to the OR to perform the procedure. This will be the 6th EVD to be put in.

Please pray for an excellent report and no issues before, during or afterwards and NO bleeds!!

Father God, Tracy is in Your hands! He is Your child and You made him! Thy will be done. You know my hearts desire for Tracy! Please see my heart!!!! Let Dr Ulm trace Your hands. Guide him dear God in the way he should go!
Thank You God for all You've done and what You are gonna do in this situation!!!
I love You!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 27, 8:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just talked to Dr Darice, one of Tracy's neurologist and she is happy with Tracy's progress. She said they will be changing out the EVD drainage cath tomorrow around 12:00 pm central time because of bacteria being stuck to it. They will be inserting a new one. Then on Monday they will be putting in the permanent shunt. Dr. Darice said, we need a lot of prayer covering tonight and tomorrow!!! So, prayer warriors let's bombard the throne room!!! Our prayer is gonna be an excellent report and procedure with NO complications and NO BLEEDS in the Sweet Name of Jesus!!!!! 

Will update again this evening. 

Go GOD Go!!!!!!!"



UPDATE: Tuesday, March 26, 10:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Today has been a quiet day, which can be a good thing! Tracy's fever is down to 99. We are in a holding pattern waiting for the bacteria to be killed totally by the hand of God and antibiotics!!! I'm still trusting and believing God's promise!! Just gotta wait til it's His time to move ahead!!

I played ball with Tracy this morning with his cloth UT football. I throw it softly and he catches it with his left hand. We haven't played this since before this last episode. So we are almost back where we left off at! Hallelujah!!!!! Tomorrow I may try working with him on the dry eraser board drawing circles and stuff. Just trying to stimulate the brain a little.

The goatee is back!!!! :0) woohoo!!! I think all the nurses are afraid to shave him now. LOL!! Nick Trammell and Jessica Trammell came by tonight and Nick said, Ahhh the goatee is back!!! I said, yep! Tracy's the hottest & sexiest man in the whole ICU!!!!! ;0)

This has been a week of our kids coming to visit!! Nicole Watts Jenkins, Nick Trammell and Mike Bowling! Also, April April Potter Holleman, Kasey Embry Inman, Shelby Fox Haun, Wayne Haun, Norman Holland. We love y'all!!"


UPDATE: Monday, March 25, 10:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Infectious disease Dr Carr came in and expressed concerns that the bacteria that was on the brain is a sticky kind like before. Meaning that it will stick to the catheter in the brain like before and the antibiotics will only be able to absorb so much. In order to put the shunt in, the brain has to be totally bacteria free. So he's hoping this time that the antibiotics will absorb and kill all of the bacteria!! If not, the EVD that is in now would have to come out and another put in until infection is gone. Which brings us back to why they don't won't this to happen, because the brain has been so fragile and bleeds each time!

***Here's where we need to pray specifically that this infection will be totally absorbed by the antibiotics and it will kill it all!!!!***

Blood pressure, heart rate and ICP has been great all day!! Praise be to God!!!!!

I will give more updates as they happen."


UPDATE: Monday, March 25, 2:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Dr Darice came in and said Tracy would have to be getting the permanent shunt put in. They will have to wait til the fever and infection is totally gone. So, it could be end of the week or first of next week before this is done. I will let you know when they decide the day. 

Specific prayer: 
For removal of EVD - NO issues or bleeds!!!
Surgery to put shunt in the brain. NO issues and NO bleeds!!! 
Cover Dr Ulm in full prayer!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, March 24, 9:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has gram-positive-cocci. Which is a bacterial infection again in the fluid coming from drain fluid from brain.

Please pray!!! They have him on a high powered antibiotic to treat it. Will update later when Dr Mericle comes in.

In NO way are we giving up this fight!!!!! Pressing on and giving this bump in the road to God to do His thing!!!! NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD!!!!!

It's Palm Sunday!!!!

Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord. (John 12:13 KJV)"


UPDATE: Saturday, March 23, 2:40pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"The neuro Dr had to open the drainage cath back up. Tracy's ICP starting rocking between 16 & 28. He went non responsive the last 45 mins before they opened it back up to drain off fluid. Dr Mericle dropped EVD back down to 15 from 20. He said with Tracy having a fever and vitals being high that he didn't won't too much stuff going on at one time. About 15 mins of opening drain back up Tracy woke back up. They will raise the drain back to 20 tomorrow and try clamping it off again also.

Tracy still has a fever. He's thrown up about 3 or 4 times. Not a great whole lot, but more than what we want him to. Chest X-ray showed signs of improvement this morning. Doing blood work to see where the fever is coming from.

Needless to say its been a busy morning & afternoon to say the least!

Still trusting God to do the miraculous!!!!!!!!!!! In Jesus' Name!!!! Amen!!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, March 22, 12:10am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just got back to the hotel room from the hospital. Tracy has done incredible today!!

The scale on the EVD is still set at 20!!! So far so good!! ICP cranial pressure is staying between 8 - 13. Keep the prayers coming that this will be successful! Praise The Lord!!!

He was still on the trach collar when I left, so that means he's been on for 12 hours! They decided to let him stay on as long as he could tolerate it. But, they were fixin to take him off to let him rest through the night. He was only suppose to be on for a couple hours today! Can we say MIRACLE!? My prayer is he does so great that he will come off the trach all together before he leaves the hospital!! They said today that had not happened with someone in Tracy's condition. Well, I am praying God shows them HE can make the impossible possible!!!! In Jesus' Name!!

Tonight he was awake from the time I got back to the hospital at 8 til I left at 11:15pm! I talked a lot and he listened, well sometimes he listened other times I think he was tuning me out! :0) He have me several kisses. JK came in and before he left he gave JK a kiss on the cheeks. Debra my sister tried to get him to kiss her and he wouldn't do it! :0) He still has his since of humor even if he can't talk.

Praying today (Friday) has even more miracles in store!!! Nothing, nothing, nothing is too hard for my God!!!! Go GOD Go!!!!!!!

Jesus, You are so wonderful and worthy of every lick of our praise!!! We worship Your name above all other names!!!! God, I love You and thank You for every single miracle and blessing that You see fit to store upon us!!!! In Jesus' Name! Amen!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 20, 10pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Happy Birthday Tracy!!! We were able to bring some balloons in his ICU room today for his birthday. He had several visitors stop by to see him. Dr Phil Hoskins and his daughter McKenzie Hoskins. He actually kissed Mac on the cheek twice! Phil tried to get him to kiss him on the cheek and Tracy wouldn't!! :0) Clarke Beasley, Jeff O'Neal, Mary Copeland-Ted Campbell, Carol & Ronald Duett and Levi Bowman. Thanks y'all for loving my Sweet T!!

Tracy was put on the trach collar last night for a couple of hours and today for 3 1/2 hrs! They will be putting him back on sometime during the night tonight for a couple more hours! This is progress!! Praise The Lord!!!

CT scan was good! Dr Ulm moved the EVD scale up to 15 this afternoon to challenge it. So far so good. ICP pressure is between 8-13. Probably stay at 15 for a day or so.

Here's where we are: I announced last night at the benefit concert that I'm calling for a fast from tomorrow (Thurs) til Monday morning. You can fast whatever you feel is a strong hold in your life, food, meat, sugar, Internet, texting, FB, a meal a day, during certain hours. Here's why I'm calling for a fast. Dr Ulm is giving the EVD challenge until Monday morning. This challenge will decide if Tracy will need a permanent shunt placed in the brain or not. Dr Ulm is a little frightened about 1. Removing the drain. 2. If he has to have a shunt, because of the past of inserting or removing the drain striking a bleed. He said it's like you touch his brain it wants to bleed.

I have called this fast to pray for 1. God to touch and heal Tracy's brain from bleeding. 2. For this EVD challenge to be successful. 3. When the drain is removed, it will come out with NO issues or bleeds! 4. If he has to have the shunt that the brain will NOT bleed, but everything will go perfect! That Dr Ulm will trace God's hands!

I am asking for everyone who will to join us in this fast! Rejoice and praise God for miracles He's already performed thus far and the ones still yet to come!!! If you want a great encouraging read on fasting and praying results, please read 2 Chronicles 20! This is one of my all time favorite bible readings!!! This is the victory I am expecting!!!!

Thank you to every group that donated their time to come and show their love to Tracy at the Tracy Stuffle Benefit last night!!!!! How can we ever thank you all? It was such an incredible night!! 10 people accepted Christ as their Savior!!!!!! And about 25 renewed their relationship with The Lord!!! Sooooo awesome!!!! To God be the glory!!!!!!!! The Holy Spirit was wall to wall!!! Tracy would have been sooooo thrilled!!! Thanks to everyone who attended! The church was packed!!! Thank you Joseph Habedank for doing this!!!! Our hearts are humbled!!!! I can't wait for Tracy to see the DVD of it that will be made just for him.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for allowing us to celebrate Tracy's birthday today!!!! That was a miracle!!! Thank You for ALL things You have done and gonna do!!! God give us grace the next 5 days! We BELIEVE!!!!
In Jesus' Name! Amen!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 20, 1:15am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just got to hotel room from hospital. Stayed for the entire benefit concert for Tracy tonight. What an incredible night!!! About 10 people accepted Jesus into their hearts and about 25 re-dedicated their hearts to Jesus!!!! To God be all the glory!!!!!

I went back by hospital on the way back from concert for a couple of hours. Tracy was awake and I told him all about the concert!! I just wish he could talk! Praying they will be able to take the trach out soon!!! He also kissed me twice before I left!!!! Praise God!!

I promise I will write more tomorrow about the concert. I am sooo tired! Gotta be a hospital by 8 am. Tracy will be having a CT scan done and then they will start clamping the drainage cath a little at a time to see how he tolerates it. Please pray his brain will tolerate the clamping totally!! I will explain more tomorrow about a fast I am calling for from Thursday to Monday morning, and about the shunt.

Thank You God for a incredible night with family and friends!!!!!! I sure do love You Jesus!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, March 15- 10am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has got movement on both sides of his body this morning!!! I came in this morning and his right leg was moving back and forth. The right side before this last episode two weeks ago had no movement! Since he's off the sedation the nurses are allowing me to work his arms, hands, legs and feet out several times during the day. I was working with his right hand this morning and it was moving. So I ask him to squeeze my hand and he tried. His fingers and hand still has a lot of swelling in them which makes it hard to squeeze too much. Then I ask him to push down on my hand with his right hand and he did!! Praise The Lord!!!! Whoop, whoop!!!! Go GOD GO!!!!! Dr. Darice on of his neuro drs came in and she was soooo excited!!! She said, Tracy you are gonna pull through this!! We just have to pray for no more bleeds, in the name of Jesus!!!!

Makes me want to run through this whole hospital shouting, PRAISE the LORD!!!!

Saints keep praying!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Thursday, March 14, 9pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has had a great 36 hrs. No big issues other than his blood pressure and heart rate being elevated from time to time. But, it's being controlled with Meds.

The fluid is continuing to flush out of the body by help of lasiks. He still has a bit to go before it's all flushed.

The bowels are continuing to work as normal!

The ICP cranial pressure has been good, from 5 to 11. The fluid from the brain is continuing to clear up. It's now a light brownish yellow color. That means its almost clear!!! And, it's slowed down, so that could mean no shunt!! Please pray specifically about this!

He's opening his eyes more, but still has a dazed look. Dr. Darice says it will take several more days before he's wide awake. He's been off ALL sedation since Wednesday at 4pm and know it will take time to get out of his body. So we will gladly wait! Matthew Holt came by last night before leaving out on Gaither bus to see Tracy and he got a smile from Tracy plus he opened his eyes for him!!! I guess he thinks he's special now! :0)

He's beginning to move his left side a little more. We have seen and felt movement in the right side also. Not as much as left side, but it's more than before this last episode two and a half weeks ago!

Next Wednesday, March 20th will be Tracy's 47th birthday if anyone wants to send him a card.
Send t
Tracy Stuffle
1774 Shagbark Way
Gallatin, TN 37066

Als We've had several people who have ask if they can send love gifts/donations to the hospital toward the hospital expense and yes you can. You can contact Janice Holloman at 615-284-5281 at the hospital and she will give you details of how you can do this. We deeply appreciate every love gift and donation that has come in! We pray God will richly bless you all!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 13, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy had a good night. Came in his room this morning and he had his eyes opened. The nurse was talking to him. You can tell he's still pretty sleepy, but he's trying to wake up. The Drs have taken him off of another sedation medicine this morning, so the only one he's on is Fentanyl and it's been reduced also.

He has lost 20 lbs since last Sunday from fluid flushing out of the body! He's 25 lbs away from what he weighed when he came in on Jan 21. So that's how much more fluid he has to drain off.

His blood pressure and heart rate are both down some this morning.

The fluid draining from the brain is a lot clearer this morning. His ICP numbers are still good!

We have soooo much to be thankful for!!!!! God is working, working, working!!!!!!

Lord, I thank You for who You are!!!! Thank You Sweet Jesus for loving us so much that You gave Yourself for us and our sins!!! Thank You for saving me 40 yrs ago!!! Thank You for sustaining us 51 days!!! Thank You for Your miracles and mercies!!! I love You!!" 


UPDATE: Tuesday, March 12- 9:15am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy just opened his eyes a little on his own!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! He's on his way back!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try to be as proper about this as i can, but i don't know how else to say it........the bowels are loose this morning!!!!! I know it's probably not to becoming to get excited about that kind of movement, but Praise The Lord!!!!! 

Swelling has went down tremendously!!!Praise The Lord!!! 

They have moved his scale on the EVD from 0 to 10! This is where we were at before this last incident two weeks ago!!! Another BIG Praise The Lord!!!! 

They have cut the propofol sedation off and lightened up on the other two to half of what they were giving him! 

Wow!!!! I am sooo excited I can hardly contain myself!!!!! Go GOD Go!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, March 11, 6:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Hallelujah Praise the Lamb!!!!! Great results from test!!!! Over 80% of blood is OUT of the ventricles!!! So we start the process of weaning him off the sedation which will take about a week. He said main concern is the ICP pressure staying stable during this. Dr. Ulm was very pleased with results of the test!!! 
Shout Hallelujah to The Lord God Almighty!!!!!!!

Go GOD Go!!!!!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 6, 10:15pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Another quiet day for Tracy. A quiet day is a good day. All his vitals have been good with exception of his blood pressure being elevated a little. ICP cranial pressure was 10 just a few minutes ago when they checked it. Praise The Lord!! All of his blood work results came back normal and good. Cultures were good with exception of sputum having a slight trace of bacteria. But it is being treated with antibiotics he was already on. Still has traces of what looks to be old blood in the drainage cath from brain.
Preliminary results on the blood test to see if he free bleeds any where else in the body showed good. Know for sure tomorrow. Hematologian said looks like it's localized in the head area only.

Praise God that His hand is at work and He is worthy of all our praises!!!!!! Bless The Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name!!! Psalms 103:1
God we are sooo thankful that You are our Rock and our Strong Tower!!!! We love You and we praise, honor and worship You for who You are!!! Thankful for every trial, every heartache that we've had to endure!! You are faithful and true to never leaving us nor forsaking us! Thank You for all things.....the good, the bad and the ugly in our lives!!! Thank You for being the Lifter of my head!!!

I love You Abba Father!! Our healer and provider!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, March 5, 11:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has had another rather quiet day. Blood pressure and ICP were a little elevated some throughout the day. ICP is still draining good. Dr. Ulm said it would take several more days to drain all the blood in the ventricles. We are seeing more clear fluid but then there will be traces of dark blood. It's a waiting game for it to completely clear out. They will be doing some test to check Tracy's body out to see if any other places is easy to bleed. Thinking they are wanting to know before talking about putting the shunt in. I guess they are wanting to find out if he's a free bleeder. Results should take two days. Still no word on blood work or cultures results. Temp has been 97 most of the day.

Thank you to Tony Gore for stopping by and taking me, my mom and sister to supper. Loved the fellowship and the bak-la-va!!!!

We end the night at the hospital reading scriptures, anointing him, praying and singing to him. Don't know if he can hear us or not, but we are acting as though he can. This time is always special!

If you have time please read Psalms 118:17 and Psalms 30. These were some of the verses we read to him tonight! Be blessed!!!

Thank You Sweet Heavenly Father for day 43! If tomorrow comes and You tarry Your coming, please use us to shine Your light of love and to be an encouragement to someone that doesn't know You!!! We praise You Father for You miracles, love and grace You bestow upon us daily!!! In ALL things I want to give You thanks!!!! I love You!!"


UPDATE: Monday, March 4, 11:45pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Today was another quiet day for Tracy. All his vital signs stayed stable. The ICP cranial pressure was a little for most part of the day, between 13 to 20. Not sure why it's been elevated. The EVD drainage cath is still doing its job. His electrolytes are a little high. That's caused from lasiks and sodium. They are trying to get those leveled out. He had a new CT scan and it was better than the last one done last week. We haven't gotten the results of the blood work and culture samples back yet, maybe tomorrow.

Dr. Ulm said he wanted to give him a couple more days and then try to slowly bring him out of sedation. As soon as blood clears we will talk about putting in a shunt.

Had a surprise visit from promoter Mike Michael Wheeler and his sweet wife Cara Wheeler today from Kankakee, IL. They brought a big ole bag of goodies!!! My favorite, peanut butter & jelly!!! Made my day!!! Thank y'all so much for EVERYTHING!!!!! Love y'all!

Then tonight Jeff Easter and Sheri Easter came by. It was great seeing them again! They have been by several times and I DO appreciate it!! Tracy loves Jeff like a brother!

Well, gotta a whole lot to thank and praise God for!!!!! Today was day 42 and we've seen miracles throughout the past 42 days! But, I am looking for even more!!!! Because I KNOW HE CAN!!!!! Thank You precious Jesus for the past 42 days of leaning on and trusting You with every detail!! We love You and praise Your Holy Name!!!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, March 3, 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Got back to the hospital about 3:15pm today. Had a pretty good sleep. Needed it after the night we had last night.

All the vitals are still looking good. ICP is around 15 to 17. Would love to see it lower, but at least it's NOT 28!! Thank You Jesus!

There's been a lot of blood work and cultures done today, so maybe we will have some preliminary results tomorrow. Tracy's body has been thru soooo much, but he's still got some fight in him! Plus, I am fighting tooth and nail for him. Last night was one of those nights of fighting to get things done NOW and not six hours later!!! But, that's why I am here!! For better or for worst, in sickness and in health!!! 25 yrs of being married to this man and he's still worth the fight!!!! NEVER give up til the last breath has left this body!!!

Jesus I'm still standing on Your Word!!!!! Psalms 118:17"

UPDATE: Sunday, March 3, 11:45pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Back at the motel tonight. Today has been rather quiet with not a lot of changes. Praise the Lord!!! I really don't like leaving him, but there's nothing I can do at this point while he's still in a coma. So, I am trying to get as much rest as possible. He's in God's hands and there's no better place to be than there. I know God is holding Tracy in His arms up against His chest!! I can only imagine how it must feel for him to hear the heart beat of God as He holds him close!!! 

Going to bed now........praying for tomorrow (Monday) to be a new day, with new mercies and NEW MIRACLES!!!!! In JESUS' Name, Amen!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, March 3, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Everything seems to be settled down now. Tracy's heart rate is still 88 to 92. At one point last night it reached 152. They did some more labs this morning. He's having a little blood in his secretions when they suction him. He's at 40% oxygen. His ICP was 10.

JK got in this morning from the road so he is with Tracy in the room. I just came to motel to get some sleep for a few hours.

Will update later when I get back to the hospital!

Please keep praying!"


UPDATE: Sunday, March 3, 2:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"I am staying at the hospital tonight due to Tracy's vitals being high. He's had a temp of 101. Blood pressure & heart rate is elevated. Chest X-ray shows either bilateral pneumonia or congestive heart failure. They have been giving him lasiks to move fluid out of the body. ICP cranial pressure is between 13 & 18. I went home this evening for a little while and it was kinda depressing not having Tracy there. Had supper with our friends the Dillmans, my brother Randy & wife Mary and my niece Brittany. Nancy Dillman will have her first Chemo treatment Monday for breast cancer. Please pray for her!! After we ate supper, we came back to the hospital to everything being out of whack!! The nurse tonight has worked hard to get some of the levels down to normal. It's gonna be a long night!!! Please pray!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, March 2, 1am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just got in from hospital. Today has been a rather quiet day. No big changes other than ICP cranial pressure has come down and rocked between 8 and 13 and even got down to 5 at one time. Normal is 0-5. The fluid draining out of the brain still has blood in it. Hoping this will start to clear in a day or so. All his vital signs and temp is staying in the normal range. We stayed out of the room as much as possible today to keep pressure from going up.

Loren Harris & wife Cindy Harris came from Elizabethton, TN tonight to see Tracy. We had a great visit and enjoyed seeing them!! Loren sang with us for 6 years and was like a brother to me. We love him and his sweet family!!!

Lord Jesus how thankful we are for another day of life and with Tracy!! Without You Lord, we would have no hope in this life!!! I love You Sweet Jesus!!!"


UPDATE: Thursday, February 28, 12:30pm Central- From The Perrys Facebook page:

"Just talked to Neuro Dr Darice and Tracy's ICP is 13!! Down from 27!!! Gonna increase the sodium IV treatment to try to absorb more fluid. She said he is very sensitive to any lights and sounds. But, they have him sedated as much as the blood pressure will allow."


UPDATE: Thursday, February 28, 9:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy's ICP is 27. They are gonna keep room completely silent today and not stimulate him at all to see if this will help bring the ICP down. They have him on a 3% sodium drip. Everything else is about the same. I have not seen the neurologist yet, so I don't know what other plans they may have for him today."


UPDATE: Thursday, February 28, 1:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just got back to hotel from the hospital. Not much change other than the cranial pressure going up and down. Finally this afternoon they gave him a high dose of sodium to try to help flush some of the fluid build up in the ventricles out through the kidneys. That brought pressure down from 22 to 17. Praying it doesn't rise anymore. His heart rate to me was a wee bit up before I left, but I think it was close to med time.

I will post updates if anything changes. If I don't post then you know things are still the same. Again I can't say thank you enough to all you prayer warriors!!!! My heart swells thinking about the love you all have for my precious Sweet T!!!

Also, to all my family who have sacrificed and put their lives on hold to come and be with me during these long days!!! I love you all! Randy Perry, Mary Brown Perry, Debra Perry-Reed, Rachel Perry Trivette, Krisi Pilling, Brittany Johnson DeVault, Barrett Devault

And my Pastor Mark Grubb, Norman Holland, Carolyn Minick, Olan Olan Witt and Tim Dillman

Lord, let rise to a new day filled with Your love, grace and mercy! I love You!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 27, 1pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"CT scan shows no change. They have put him into a medically induced coma and will be for a week. Drainage cath is draining properly and where it's suppose to be. Ventricles are the same, no change in size. Fluid from drainage seems to be lighter. All his vitals are doing good. He's back on the ventilator.

If anything changes I will update."


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 27, 8:40am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just received a call from hospital and they are taking Tracy for a CT scan. His cranial pressure in the past couple hours has been 28. This is way high! This could mean several different things. I will update as soon as I get there and see what the CT scan shows.

****8:00am: At the hospital waiting for the Dr Ulm to come in and give me results of CT scan. God has put in my spirit this morning....when you've done all you know to do to stand...........just stand!!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, February 26, 11:45 pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just left the hospital and came to the hotel to sleep. The night nurses are having to watch Tracy more closely and checking on him more frequently, so they have suggested for me to come to the hotel the past 4 nights to sleep. I felt guilty the first couple of nights, but I'm only two streets over from hospital and the nurses have promised to call me if anything changes.

Tracy rested well today. He's still sedated and probably will be for a few more days. His cranial pressure has come down from 15 to rocking between 7 & 10. A good pressure reading is 0-5. The EVD is still draining well pulling about 10 to 15 cc of fluid off the brain every hour. The fluid doesn't seem to have as much blood as this morning, but still more than what we want to see.

Tracy's situation is still very, very critical! We are still asking for no visitors at this time. I have to protect him and make sure that he is getting the rest and quietness that his body and brain needs to heal from this 4th bleed. I myself will be spending more time in the waiting room than before. Just because I don't wont his pressure to go up if he can hear us in the room.

I am grateful for another day of life with my Sweet T! I am standing still waiting to see the mighty move of God's hands in this situation! I have to give thanks to God for entrusting us with this journey of the unknown for us. I don't understand it, but I don't have to, all I have to do is trust Him and His all sufficient Grace to sustain us during this time!

Thank You God for the good, the bad and the ugly!!!! I lift my hands and will praise You through the night!!!!! I love You Sweet Jesus!!!!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, February 26, 9:35am- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy did well through the night. His vital signs held their own. After breathing on his own last week and the weekend, after yesterday's events he was put back on the ventilator.
He is under sedation again to let the body and brain rest and heal. The important thing right now is keeping the ICP (cranial pressure down.) So far it's been within reason. The drainage cath EVD is still draining about 20 to 25 cc per hour. The nurse said he responded some this morning with thumbs up, but they are trying not to stimulate the brain too much. So, once again I am asking that he receive no visitors at this time other than immediate family members.

I deeply appreciate all prayers love and concern!!! I wish I could respond to every email, messages and post, but at this time it's just not possible. Please keep praying!!!! God has blessed us with a new day, new mercies and new miracles!!! I will try to update this evening or if anything changes.

We love each of you!!!!! Go GOD Go!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, February 25, 8pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"The new EVD drainage cath IS draining!!!!! It's already put out 22 cc of fluid!!!! Hallelujah Praise the Lamb of God!!!!!!!!!! To God be all the glory, praise and honor!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, February 25, 5:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"A new drainage cath was inserted at 1pm and it did not drain anything at all. Neuro dr said blood must be so thick it's clogged the new cath. So, they are replacing it. This will be #5. With each replacement you have more risk. 

Will update as soon as we know something on the new one."


UPDATE: Monday, February 25, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"I know it's been a day or so since I've had an update, but it's been one of those situations of waiting to see what happens.

As I posted Saturday morning, I woke up to the fluid from Tracy's EVD drain in the brain having a little blood in it after being clear for over a week. I wanted to vomit when I saw it! Because this would indicate another brain bleed. At 10am the drain stopped draining altogether!! This was even more concerning because the drain is what keeps the fluid and pressure off the brain. The neurologist was called in and a CT was done. The CT scan results showed no new bleed, but showed the EVD drainage cath had slid out a little. The blood they figured had came from an incision. During this whole process of events, Tracy was still awake and responsive. The neuro dr said they would watch him over night to see how he did and would decide later if the EVD would need to be replaced or not by how alert and responsive he continued to be. That evening I was trimming Tracy's nails back and noticed blood underneath two of his fingernails. Are you seeing the picture here? After seeing this we decided that he had messed with the incision area during the night.

After being monitored every hour for the past couple days the neuro doctor has decided that maybe everything is working the way it should be. So they removed the EVD this morning. Shortly after removing the drain, all of Tracy's numbers started going crazy. They immediately did a CT scan, which show when they removed the cath it caused another bleed. They are trying to get his numbers stable. They will be replacing the drainage cath here shortly. We will see what happens from there. Please pray!!!"


UPDATE: Saturday, February 23, Noon- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Devil trying his best to still the joy of yesterday today. The drainage cath has stopped draining. This morning instead of fluid coming off brain being clear like it has had a little bit of blood in it. All his numbers look good is the strange thing. The neuro dr is on his way in to check him out."


UPDATE: Friday, February 22- 5pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"What a great morning!!!!! Tracy has been very alert, very responsive in the past 72 hours!!

This morning the nurses were able to get Tracy up and sit him in a special chair!!!!! This has been the first time in 32 days he's been able to sit up. His vital signs stayed great the whole time he was up!! You want to talk about a shoutin fit!! Praise God from whom all blessings and miracles flow!!! Go GOD GO!!!

I did take videos and pics, but I want to respect Tracy to not post them. I wouldn't won't him to post pics of me if I were in his shoes.

Keep the prayers going up!!!!! God is good!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 20- 6:30pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy's out and everything went great. He will be out of it most of the night. But the surgeon seems to think this will be a step forward! We just have to pray for no more infection!!! 

Thank you for praying!! Please don't stop!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 20- 4:45pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Just went back to see Tracy. They are preparing him now to go to the OR to perform the procedure of replacing drainage cath in the brain. The DR performing the surgery is Dr Arthur Ulm. Please pray for Dr Ulm to trace God's hand with this procedure. Tracy was wide awake when I just went back, so he's aware of what's going on! I will update as soon as they update me!! God he's in Your Hands!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 20- 9:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Ok so this procedure of replacing drainage cath will not be done in his room as before today. Chris, his nurse said this is gonna be a CT guided procedure. So they will be doing this where they do CT scans. I was hoping Dr Ulm was going to be doing this procedure, but instead it will be Dr Franklin who performed the first one. Will let y'all know more when they let me know something. Don't have a time yet."


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 20- 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"The neurologist will be replacing Tracy's EVD drainage cath sometime in the morning. This one will be coated with antibiotics and placed in the same path as the one in now. As I have stated before there are risks when reinserting the cath. Risks are: more infection and it could cause another brain bleed. I am not fond of having to sign the release papers for this procedure, but as I signed it a few moments ago I just had to place this in God's hands.

I know I have ask y'all to pray so much before, but I know it works! So I am asking you again to please pray that the doctor performing this procedure will trace God's hands. Pray there will be no infection and no bleed out! In Jesus' Name, amen!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, February 18- 9pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Well, we laid our little Sport to rest this evening. Gosh, it's amazing how our pets are like family members. I held his little body while he passed. JK couldn't watch. My niece Brittany Johnson DeVault was there with us. We had him for 13 years and the hard part about all of this is he was Tracy's little lap baby! Don't know how we will tell Tracy when we feel the time is right. The only time I have been leaving hospital has been in the evening to go to the motel to clean up, so it was weird being out. But, I did enjoy spending the evening with JK although the circumstances were bad.

Came back to the hospital after we ate supper. Tracy has had another good day. Stayed on trach collar 14 hrs today. We should know in the morning about the status of the bacterial infection and what the next move will be. Just pray tonight that there will NOT be any bacterial infection any where in the brain!

Thank you all for every single prayer!!!! I thank you a million times a million! I pray God blesses each one of you so much you can't contain it!!

I love you all!!!"


UPDATE: Sunday, February 17, 10:45am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Everything is going good. The neuro doctor and infectious diease doctor thinks the antibiotics are working to kill bacterial infection in the brain. But, they think some of the bacteria is sticking to the drainage cath in the brain and antibiotics can't get through that. So they are looking at replacing the drainage cath for the second time on Monday. With this you run the risk of more infection! This will have to be done before a permanent shunt can be put in. Then there's always the possibility that infection could be in the brain. But, we are not receiving that, because his temp is staying down and he's being more alert and awake daily.

*****The Drs have come in just now and said they are gonna give it until Tuesday to see what happens before deciding on the cath replacement to see if the bacteria will be gone!

Tracy has tolerated the trach collar very well! First day on it for 12 hrs straight. Second day 9 hrs. Back on it today!

To God be the glory for all He had done and is gonna do!!!! We are still praising Him!!!"


UPDATE: February 16, 9:15am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle said on Facebook:

"Tracy has had two great days! Dr. Ulm his neurologist said yesterday evening that the progress that Tracy has made in the past 24 almost 48 hrs has been miraculous!!! Well, GLORY!!!

Tracy did excellent on the trach collar yesterday! He stayed on from 7 to 7! They took it off at 7pm to let him rest thru the night. They put him back on at 7am this morning and is gonna try him til 10pm tonight.

He had a great night resting! Temp has remained normal for 24 hrs!! He's staying awake and opening his eyes a lot more! He's smiling a lot. Our little friend Gracie came to see him yesterday and he lit up like a Christmas tree! He held her hand and smiled at her! She was kissing his hand and loving on him. I think that was good medicine for him!
Saints, I can't thank y'all enough for bombarding the throne room daily on Tracy's behalf!!!! Today is day 26 and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for all y'all's prayers, love and support!!!! Please don't let up!!! We love you all!!!

Thank You Jesus for Your touch to Tracy's body!!! I thank You for this valley and journey that You have chosen for us. May we stay faithful and true to You!!! I love You!!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, February 15, 11:45am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"This morning started out to be a rough one. I was not made aware of the neurologist raising the ICP scale for Tracy's brain drainage cath yesterday. I knew yesterday evening, last night and this morning he was unresponsive, but didn't know why. Until I expressed my concerns with his nurse this morning and she told me about the neuro dr trying to see how Tracy's brain would do by raising the ICP scale. Needless to say they had to move the scale back down where it was. Within a few minutes he was back to responding, opening his eyes and moving his left arm and leg. His blood pressure dropped to 97/67 which also alerted me something wasn't right. After all this, things turned around quickly which I really believe was God working!! Tracy however did great through the night being off the vent and on CPap! And he's still doing great!

He was very much alert this afternoon and tonight when friends came by to see him, by opening his eyes, giving thumbs up, or smiling. TaRanda Greene even got him to stick his tongue out at her!

Thanks to David McCray Dove, The Hoppers, the Dillmans, The Grubbs for coming by today and tonight. Night before last Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Jonathan Allen Wilburn, Jordan Wilburn and Kyle Underwood came by. So many of Tracy's friends have went above and beyond by coming by, bringing snacks, drinks and just offering their help!! My family has been incredible to come and be with me every day. They have a schedule of when they are suppose to be here!! I love them for all their sacrifices to come and rally around me!!!! That's true family!!!!

Well, God gave me my miracle I ask for today!!! All I wanted for Valentines Day was for him to open his eyes and he did and then some!!!! God how merciful
You are to me, when I don't even deserve it I love You!!!"


UPDATE: Friday, February 15, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Get this, the infectious disease doctor, Dr. Mark Carr is Tracy's primary care doctor, Dr. Wayne Rhear's first cousin!!! Is this a God thing or what? It's wild to see things unfold and to see God's hands all over them!!!

They have put Tracy on trach collar, trying that. So far so good. Dr. Carr, said the early cultures today from spinal fluid off the brain is showing NO growth in bacterial infection! But we will know for sure by Monday!! So, he should be able to have a shunt put in to keep the fluids drained off the brain. Praise The Lord! Go God Go!!!!! Keep praying troops, God is giving His commands!!!!! Praise His Holy Name!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, February 13- 4pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"They have turned off the ventilator for a while for Tracy's breathing. They are trying to have him breathing on his own(CPap). He's been off since 10:30am and so far so good!!!!!! His nurse today said he's never seen a patient pull the volume that Tracy is doing on his own. The nurse is so excited! Another miracle!!! GO GOD GO!!!!!! Thank You Sweet Jesus!!!! Keep praying!!!"


UPDATE: Tuesday, February 12- 9am Central- From Libbi Perry Stuffle:

"I know some of y'all are wondering what's up with no updates in the last 24 hours. I don't want to inundate you with too many updates, especially when nothing has really changed.

We are in a holding pattern right now waiting to see how the bacterial infection around the drainage cath in his brain is reacting to the two different kinds of antibiotics. The temperature started going up last night and has stayed around 100.7 to 101.

They were hoping to wean him off the breathing machine, but with the body fighting hard to fight off the infection, it's not allowing for that to happen just yet.
ICP fluid is looking really good. Almost totally clear!! Haven't heard when they will start clamping the tube to see if pressure will stay normal.

Tracy was actually awake last night for almost an hour and half! I talked a lot to him and he would respond with hand gestures or nodding head. I exercise his arms, legs, ankles, fingers and arms. I sing to him, play music for him and my last nightly thing is to anoint him and pray over him. Usually Randy, my brother will be on speaker phone and we pray together. And, usually there's one of my family members with me. Then I have my own prayer time on my knees in front of my recliner! This is our nightly routine. God's been sooo good!!! Even in the valley He IS good!!

Please keep praying!!!!"


UPDATE: February 11- 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Been a great day! Tracy has opened his eyes about 7 or 8 times. He's smiled some. We've held hands a lot. He tries talking, but we can't hear him because of the trach.

We are still fighting and making progress! May not be the progress we would like to see but at least it's progress! If tomorrow comes, we will rise up and fight again, one day at a time!!!

Please continue to pray the antibiotics will kill the bacterial infection in the brain around the catheter quick! Also, for ICP to be normal when they clamp it off so Tracy will not have to have surgery to insert a permanent shunt.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for being true to Your Word!!! I love You!!!!"


UPDATE: February 10- 9:40am Central- From Libbi Perry Stuffle

"Dr Ulm, Tracy's neurological Dr just came in to let me know that they have detected an early bacteria infection in the brain where the drainage cath is at. They started Tracy on a couple different antibiotics yesterday when they felt like this was the case. They are being very aggressive with treatment for this. A disease doctor will come in in the morning to make sure it's being treated with the right antibiotics. Prayer #1 is PRAY the antibiotics they have him on now will kill this bacteria. This is cause from the cath being in so long.

Prayer #2
Dr. Ulm is gonna start this week clamping off the drainage cath to see if the ICP (inter cranial pressure) will stay low or go up. If the pressure stays low where it should be, they can remove the cath. If not, this will require a permanent shunt in the brain going down and being wrapped around the stomach so the fluid can re-absorb back into the body. This will require surgery to do this. Please help me prayer that the ICP will stay low where it should so we don't have to go through this process.

Dr. Ulm said this bacteria infection could be what's causing him to not fully wake up.

This is where we are at at this time. Please help me pray!!!!"


UPDATE: February 8- 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Just saw the lady neurologist and she's excited that she saw movement this morning from Tracy squeezing her hand on command and moving his arm. Moving his left leg and wait for it.......his right leg! It's a little weaker but it moved! She said he is working really hard on opening his eyes! Her words were, KEEP PRAYING!!!! And she was smiling from ear to ear!! I said oh, we are still praying and not giving up!!!

When I was straightening his fingers out on his right hand just now, he moved that hand! So, GO GOD GO!!!!!!!!!

Blood pressure is still being controlled with meds and we're hoping at some point to be able to take him off, but it's still too high for that right now! Preliminary blood cultures
came back but no growth in any of the cultures that were taken including the brain!!!! GO GOD GO!!!!!"


UPDATE: February 7- 1:30am Central- From Libbi Perry Stuffle:

"Wow, I am so wound up I don't know where to begin! Tracy was taken totally off all sedation meds Wednesday around lunch. I have stayed in his room just about all day to see if he would show signs of waking up. I started noticing some movement under his eyelids. Then he started yawning. I would sing to him and he would scrunch his forehead up and would move his mouth for a bit. I went to clean up at the motel this evening and came back and started putting up his 91 cards he got today. After my sister Debra and I finished hanging the cards we started talking to him. I lifted his eyelid and he looked over to where I was. Then, I ask him to hold my hand or squeeze it. He squeezed it pretty good. He also moved his left foot and leg on command! I am sitting here by his bed watching his hand move!!! I will take this miracle!!!

Thank You Sweet Jesus!!!!!! All praise, glory and honor belongs to Him!!!!!

I will take these small miracles any day!! Even though they are small, they will add up!

Need to try to sleep, but I'm afraid I will miss something!!"


UPDATE: February 6, 9am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Tracy is doing well this morning other than having a little issue with his blood pressure wanting to go up. They have taken him down a little more on his sedation this morning. Temperature has been down to 99 all night. PTL!!! The trach he has is going to have to be replaced due to a leak in it. He's getting the oxygen he needs, but it's making an awful sound.

Nurses and Drs are amazed at the cards he has received! Even more amazed when I tell them I couldn't get them all up!

The love that has been shown to my family during this time has been incredible!!! My heart along with my family is grateful and thankful!!!!! Please know this!!!!!!!! This is day 16 and God is Good!!!

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Philippians 4:8 KJV)

Thinking on God's mercy, grace and love today!!! He's the lifter of my head!!!!!"


UPDATE: February 5- 10am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"The Neuro team gave a thumbs up for the sedation to be decreased gradually. As of an hour ago the first turn back began! They will watch all his vitals and cranial pressure to make for sure nothing gets out of whack."


UPDATE: February 4- 11:20pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Today was another good day. Rather quiet, but good. Tracy had another CT scan today and I will know the results in the morning. If everything looks good and his cranial pressure looks good, they will gradually bring him out of coma. I am trusting God for a miracle! Pray that Tracy's mental and physical capacities will return 100%! Please pray and believe this with me!

The wound care team came in today and treated spots with skin breakdown and spots of severe yeast infection. Hoping all this clears up by the time Tracy wakes up totally! This stuff looks painful, so I can only imagine how it feels!! :(

The group will have the new "Team Tracy" t-shirts with them on the road this weekend!! I posted a pic of the shirt on FB and have had an overwhelming response of people wanting to order them. If you would like to order, send money to:

Team Tracy
1774 Shagbark Way
Gallatin, TN - 37066.

Cost of shirts are :
$15 ea. S,M,L,XL,XXL
$17 ea. 3X, 4X, 5X & 6X
No kids available.
Include $3 shipping & handling for up to 2 shirts. Each additional shirt add $1

All monies will go to help pay hospital and medical expenses.

Thank you all for all your prayers!!! I just can't say that enough!!!!!!

Looking for tomorrow to be a New Day, New Mercies and New Miracles!! In Jesus' Name, amen!!!"


UPDATE: February 3, 1:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted this on Facebook:

"Today has been a pretty quiet day. Praise The Lord!! We've just took the past couple of days to let Tracy rest without any visitors. I even stayed in waiting room most of time, except in the morning hours. Everything has been pretty well been stable all day. His temperature has these crazy spells of going up, but most times will come down with Tylenol. Drainage from his brain is beginning to be more clear, which is a good thing! As soon as his cranial pressure drops some more they will start slowly trying to wake him up some. Praying that comes this week! I sure do miss looking into his eyes!!

I spent time tonight trying to get out Thank You cards to those who have sent love gifts. I am really trying to remember everyone!!! If you have sent or given us a love gift and don't receive a thank you card, please don't be offended, I can't remember all names. So, let me say here, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

Also, thank you LaDonna Ann Busler for all the great food you brought yesterday!!! Loved everything, but really enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries!!! We love you!!!

For those worried about me getting rest, I am!! ;0) I've learned to sleep during day when he's doing good. So, I am doing better!

Speaking of sleep!!! Thank You God for a great day of life. Thank You for giving Tracy another good day! Thank You for this valley, for it's in the valley You restore my soul! I love You Sweet Jesus!"


UPDATE: Saturday, February 2- 8:40am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"A new obstacle this morning! I have to leave Tracy's ICU room from 6 to 8 am & pm. I came back in Tracy's room at 8 am. Nurses were bathing him. The nurse tells me that Tracy is having some skin break down, mainly on his right side. She then shows me and I am shocked. It is mainly under his arm and on his hip on the right side, then another place under his arm on the left side. We do NOT need this in the Name of Jesus, God's Son be gone!!!!

Haven't seen the doctor yet to see what the plan of attack is. Blood pressure started elevating about 5am, which seems to be a pattern. They are giving him meds for that. Temperature is still rocking between 99.8 to 101.8.

Can I just say I am holding on to faith, but my brain and mind are worn out!!! Praying today will bring new mercies and new miracles, in the name of Jesus Christ, God's son!!"


UPDATE: Friday, February 1- From Libbi Perry Stuffle:

"What a day! Its been a day of mixed emotions. We knew Tracy was gonna have to have the trach inserted so they could remove the breathing tube through the mouth. Early afternoon I was told that the drainage cath going into his brain was stopped up and wasn't draining. I had to sign the papers to ok for the Neuro Surgeon to replace the old drainage cath with a new one. With that, you have the risk of a new bleed, infection and other severe things. We prayed and then Randy (my brother) and I had prayer with the surgeon. Yes, the surgeon is a Christian and welcomed the prayer. Tracy's neuro surgeon is Dr. Arthur Ulm. God has undoubtedly placed him in our pathway for this appointed time!!!!! The surgery was a success!!! The minute the new drain was in place it started draining!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The cranial pressure in the brain started dropping, which is what we needed to happen!

Shortly after the replacement of the drainage cath, Dr. Wilcox removed breathing tube from his mouth and put a trach in. Everything with that procedure went good.

Earlier in the day they put a Peg feeding tube into Tracy's stomach. So needless to say, it's been a very busy and stressful day, but God is so good and we praise Him for His grace and mercies !!!

Tracy has had one of the sweetest, Godly nurses the past three days!! Her name is Ms Kay! She has rejoiced with us and cried with us. Today after the drainage tube was in place and working properly sweet Ms Kay raised her hands toward heaven with tears in her eyes and said "ohhh, Thank You Jesus!!!!!" It was truly a moment!!!!! Now, they will let Tracy rest over the weekend and next week if all goes well, will start slowly weaning him off the sedation to wake him up. This will be a very slow process, so as to not raise the blood pressure.

We request that he has no visitors this weekend except immediate family members only so his body and brain can rest and heal.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my Sweet T!!! I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for standing with me and my family during this journey that God has chosen for us to travel. I wish I could take my heart out and show you my gratitude for everything that has been done for the past week and a half!!! Please DON'T stop praying!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, January 30- 8pm Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"The CT scan showed no new bleeds and the brain shows signs of healing! Praise The Lord! The blood that is coming through the drainage cath has turned dark red which is a sign of old blood. So its on its way to clearing up. Praise The Lord!!!

They will be inserting a temporary trach so they can remove the air vent from his mouth. When this is done, they will be able to start waking him up gradually. At this point we will be able to see how he responds.

Lungs: the culture from the lungs came back and it showed there's staph/pneumonia. We will know tomorrow if its MRSA. He's been on 2 different antibiotics, so we will be a little ahead of the game.

Temperature is staying around 100 to 101. Blood pressure has been stable all day!!! Praise The Lord again!!!!

Please, stop right now and just Praise God and give Him all the glory for this HE has done!!! I am closer to getting to see those beautiful green eyes that I fell in love with over 25 yrs ago!!!!!!!"


UPDATE: Wednesday, January 30- 9am Central- From Randy Perry, Libbi's Brother, on Facebook:

"CT scan showed NO new bleeds!!! Brain showing signs of beginning to heal!! Thank God for all of you Prayer Warriors that have been lifting up Tracy Stuffle! There is a long way to go but this is a Victory worth shouting about today!!! So please help us fight on!!"


UPDATED: Tuesday, January 29- 7:30am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Tracy had a pretty good night last night. His temperature stayed between 99 & 100. Blood pressure stayed stable. Looking for new miracles today!! No matter the size we will take them!! Thank you to Matt Hagee, Aaron & Amanda Crabb, Jeff LaBorg for coming and praying over Sweet T!!! It means more than you will know!!

Thank you to Candy Christmas, Linda DeVault, Alisa Grubb, Norman Holland, Carolyn Minick, and Jamie & Kristi Jamie Bramlett , Mike Gibson for food, snacks and drinks!!
You'll never know how much we appreciate it!!!

Also, thank you to everyone who has paid for nights at the motel near the hospital where I go to every evening between 6-8 pm to clean up!! This is such a blessing, because that's the only time I leave the hospital. Thanks a million times a million!!!!

I will try to do another update sometime today. I have been so sleepy at night, I haven't done any updates at night in the past couple nights. I will try to get better.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for a New Day, New Mercies and New Miracles!!!!!"


UPDATE: Monday, January 28- 8:45am Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Tracy had a good night and half day yesterday. Yesterday afternoon his temperature started creeping back up. Then the blood pressure started elevating. As of right now, nothing has changed. Temperature is still 100.1. They have ice packs and a fan on him. It looks as though he may have the start of pneumonia. It's a roller coaster ride, but with this type of brain injury and trauma, it goes with the territory. The Dr. said yesterday that it's just gonna take time.

I am taking it just one day at a time. I am looking for the smallest of miracles and blessings in the day! I will report that 4 people have been saved as a result of all of this!!! Praise The Lord!!!!!! So, how do you like that devil????

We never know why God allows things to happen! I know I have been able to shine a light to his nurses and doctors by simply talking about God, miracles and prayer!! Some like it, others look weird at you! I am weird!!! I am in this world, but not of this world!! I am more determined to share God's love and promises. I am more determined to try to get more people to Christ!!! Someone commented about a post I made on John 3:16 and being saved. They said it was more than just asking, believing and confessing. Maybe so, but salvation and being saved is not complicated. Sometimes I think we make it seem complicated and it turns the lost people away. This is just my opinion!

Not giving up! Still fighting! Who's fighting with me?"


UPDATE: January 26- 5:50PM Central- Libbi Perry Stuffle posted the following on Facebook:

"Tracy's blood pressure is spiking and his temperature is 102. They have ice packs around him and a cooling blanket on him. Blood cultures preliminary came back that there was no infection in the blood. Doctor seems to think it's coming from lungs."


On January 21st, Tracy Stuffle, of The Perrys, was rushed to the hospital for what was later determined to be a massive stroke caused by bleeding in the brain. The doctors have performed numerous tests to determine a good solution that would keep Tracy's temperature and blood pressure stable.

Libbi Perry Stuffle reported today that Tracy's temperature has gone down from 103.5 to 99.3. However, the doctors are currently trying to run tests to find if there is bacteria causing further complications as the antibiotics they have used thus far have not been working.

Please continue to pray for Tracy, and check this page regularly for updates as we receive them.

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