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UPDATED: January 25th, 11:30am Central- Tracy Stuffle Health Update(Stroke)

- Libbi Perry Stuffle
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If you have been following this page for updates, please click here to get newer updates, as this page will no longer be updated.

UPDATE: January 25th, 11:30am Central- From Libbi Perry:

His temp is down to 99.3 from 103.5, but they are doing a chest ex-ray to check his lungs. They seem to think there is bacteria somewhere. But even their highest acting antibiotics have not worked. His vitals are a little higher than has been. But this could be happening due to the part of the brain that controls the body temp being effected from bleed out. Just don't know right now.


UPDATE: January 25th, 7am Central- From Libbi Stuffle:

Urgent prayers are needed! Tracy has a 103 degree Neurological fever. They have ice on him in areas and they are putting a cooling blanket under him. Please pray that his temperature can go down.


UPDATE: January 24th, 9:15am- From Libbi Stuffle (Facebook):

Tracy's numbers are staying where they are suppose to be. Blood pressure still fluctuates, especially when they have to suction. He's still sedated. He's having a little more movement on his left side, but nothing on the right side. But the neuro doctor said it's still early in the game.

I spent most of the night holding his hand. When I hold his hand, he will rub his fingers against mine and squeeze and he tries to turn my wedding ring around. He opened his eyes a couple of times last night for a few seconds. I sang to him and played some quiet time hymns and songs.

I will update daily at 9am after I see his doctor and he gives me updates. I will also update in the afternoon or evening. I didn't last night because I was really tired.


UPDATE: January 23rd, 8:45am- From Libbi Stuffle (Facebook):

Not a lot of changes through the night other than his temp is normal! PTL

They have had to up his blood pressure medication. It's having a hard time staying down where they need it, even with added Meds. His nurse said this morning that if the BP goes too high and he has another bleed out, his life as he knew it would be done!

They are being VERY adamant about LESS visitors today and absolutely no talking and stimulation from the few visitors that they will allow today! I have been lectured twice on this in the last 9 or ten hours! They said they saw by all the visitors he had yesterday and last night that he was a very loved and thought of person.

No CT scan will be done today, maybe tomorrow. Still allowing time for blood in the fluid cavities to drain off. I will update later if any changes are made.

Thanks for all the overwhelming amount of prayers, text messages, phone calls and emails!!!! You will never ever know how much it means to our family!

Also, one other thing: the guys, Joseph and Bryan will be filling all dates this weekend! Ms. Leah Melissa Page will be filling in for me. Leah is a very incredible singer and I requested her to step in to fill my place. I ask that you will continue to support the group during this time. I know if Tracy could speak he would tell you this would be a big support to him and for him. I feel my place is to be here during these crucial days. I beg you to please understand.


UPDATE: January 23rd,  1:48am - from Libbi Stuffle (Facebook):

Ok...I forgot that I have not posted any thing since drainage cath was put in. I've been almost 40 hrs with no sleep. Can't eat or sleep until I know my Sweet T is out of the woods! Yes, I know I have to take care of myself too, and I am.

Drainage cath was placed into brain to drain off blood from bleed out. The blood in the fluid cavities is draining off! We noticed movement about 30 minutes later. They now have Tracy sedated so all of his pressures can rest. He also needed a mouth-inserted trach to open up his airway. This is a breathing machine, not a vent! They've had to strap his left arm down due to him trying to pull tubes out.

As of right now, he is running a temp of 100. Sometimes this common because the brain controls the temperature. But, they are keeping an eye on it to make sure there is not a infection somewhere.

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