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The Bradfords Receive The 2012 James Blackwood Lifetime Achievement Award

Memphis, TN - Each year on the Thursday before Christmas, Allen Guyer and Keith Inman present "Home For Christmas". It started eighteen years ago and benefits the Memphis Union Mission. "Home For Christmas" is just that, several artists, evangelists and ministries of all types come home to the Memphis area for Christmas. Allen and Keith decided to put together a concert and have the money go to help the needy. To date this concert has raised over $68,000.00 for the Memphis Union Mission.

The first year of "Home For Christmas", James Blackwood was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unmeasureable contribution of sharing the gospel. With his permission the award became "The James Blackwood Lifetime Achievement Award", and has been presented each year to someone that has dedicated their life to taking the gospel message to the lost.

Steve and Christie Bradford are the 2012 recipients of "The James Blackwood Lifetime Achievement Award" presented by "Home For Christmas" in Memphis, Tennessee.

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