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Dollywood Southern Gospel Fall Artist List

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It will be a busy fall in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, as Dollywood will have a full lineup of Southern Gospel music ready to go! Singing News will be there with our very own stage! Below is the full list of artists who will be appearing on The Singing News stage (many more artists will be appearing throughout the park). Here are the lineups by date!

Date Group  Website 
Friday, Oct 5, 2012 Mountain Joy
Saturday Oct,6 2012 Tiptons
Sunday Oct 7, 2012 Nehrkorns
Monday, Oct 8,2012 Nehrkorns
Tuesday, Oct 9 2012 Allen Family
Wed, Oct 10, 2012 Penny Loafers
Thursday, Oct 11 2012 n/a- Closed  n/a-Closed
Friday, Oct 12 2012 Barry Rowland
Sat Oct 13 Barry Rowland
Sun Oct 14 Fair Haven
Mon Oct 15 Penny Loafers
Tues Oct 16 Heartline
Wed Oct 17 Heartline
Thurs Oct 18 n/a- Closed  n/a-Closed
Fri Oct19 Joyaires
Sat Oct 20 Joyaires
Sun Oct 21 Fair Haven
Mon Oct 22 Mark Dubbeld Family
Tues Oct 23 Mark Dubbeld Family
Wed Oct 24 The Sneed Family
Thurs Oct 25 n/a- Closed  n/a-Closed
Fri Oct 26 Murray Family
Sat Oct 27 Murray Family
Sun Oct 28 Mountain Joy
Mon Oct 29 Back Home (Jimmy)
Tues Oct 30 The Sneed Family
Wed Oct 31 His Heart Quartet
Thurs Nov 1 Closed n/a-Closed
Fri Nov 2 The Old Paths
Sat Nov 3 The Old Paths

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