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Redeemed renews with Harbor Music
The Redeemed, of Rogersville, Tennessee recently renewed their recording agreement with Harbor Music Group. They have committed to a one-year agreement renewal with Shane Ferrell and his record label.

With their renewed agreement, The Redeemed are in the process of completing their brand new project, Overwhelming Joy. The second Redeemed recording produced by Roger Talley, Overwhelming Joy features songs written by some of Southern Gospel's best songwriters including Dottie Rambo, Kyla Rowland, Greg Day, Sandy Knight, Billy Fields, Dee Gaskin, Del Way, and The Redeemed's very own, Mike Davis.

Overwhelming Joy is an appropriate title for the project, as The Redeemed are experiencing more joy in their ministry now than ever before. Group member John North says that he believes that God has them in the place that He wants them with all of the right components just in place. He is especially excited about the release of Overwhelming Joy and the renewed agreement with Harbor Music Group.

"We are looking forward to this year ahead. We have worked with many people, but none that have had the integrity of Shane Ferrell and Harbor Music Group, " he says.

Shane is equally honored to have The Redeemed on board. "The Redeemed have worked very hard the last few years. I see God working and moving in their ministry everyday. They choose to record songs that make an eternal difference in people's lives and encourage the church. This project is no different. Overwhelming Joy is by far the best recording The Redeemed have done. I am proud to have them as a part of our family!"

The Redeemed have to their credit several charting singles, such as, "I Made It By Grace," "Bless The Lord," "He Is The Resurrection," and "It Will Pass," just to name a few. Overwhelming Joy will be released in April.
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