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Wilburns Return To Touring
One of Southern Gospel music╒s best known groups and ECC artist, The Wilburns, has announced their return to a limited touring schedule effective immediately.

Elaine states, ╥After we announced our retirement, people wondered what Jackie and I would do. We did come off the road for a while to get some much needed rest, but people have called and wanted us to return to their church for a revival or concert and it has been a delight for us to see our old friends again, something we have dearly missed.╙

Jackie and Elaine, along with industry newcomer Scott Russell, plan to only tour a few weekends a month allowing them to still enjoy the freedoms of their retirement while still ministering.

To schedule Jackie, Elaine and Scott, or to schedule Jackie for a revival or preaching engagement, please call The Wilburns' office at 615-735-2650 or email
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