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Johnathan Bond

Johnathan Bond

On September 24, 1991, while driving on rain slick roads, an 18-wheeler pulled into his lane on a four lane road and forced him into oncoming traffic. His car was hit by two different vehicles with a force so great that it ripped his seat belt in half. 'The next thing I remember was lying on a wet road and people were standing over me trying to find a pulse.' After a few minutes of CPR, the paramedics said, 'We can't do anything for him, he's dead.' At that moment Johnathan heard a voice speak to him that said repeatedly, 'Ask and you shall receive.' Remembering the teachings of the Word, Johnathan pleaded, 'Lord, if You will save me and let me live, I'll live for You.' When his mother arrived at the emergency room and asked about her son, the doctor put his arm around her and assured her that the ER team had done all they could, but they had lost him. Johnathan's mother heard the same voice speak to her the same words, 'Ask and you shall receive'. She then asked the doctor, who was a Christian, to pray with her for her son. Although he was simply being nice, as they prayed, a nurse ran up to the doctor and exclaimed, 'That man is not dead!' Johnathan had begun to strangle while the nurse was preparing his body for identification. PRAISE GOD! Johnathan was then placed in the Intensive Care Unit. After further examination, the doctor told Mrs. Bond, 'Although God has answered our prayers and brought back your son, he would probably be better off dead'. Johnathan's injuries were extensive and massive. He had a brain aneurysm from a fractured skull. His head was swollen past his shoulders. His right eye was loosed from the socket and was being held with two out of 50 ligaments. His face was cut. Two ribs, his right arm and shoulder had been broken. His back was broken in nine places and he was paralyzed from right above his waist down. The most critical was oxygen had been cut off to his brain for approximately 18 ½ minutes. The doctor said, 'Mrs. Bond, there is no way.' Three days after the accident while in Intensive Care, Johnathan's heart stopped and the doctors rushed in to try to revive him. Without success, the doctor informed his mom once again that they had lost him. She said, 'Do you remember the first day I came in here? Will you pray with me again?' The doctor, Johnathan's mom and a non-Christian nurse began to pray. As they prayed, GOD brought Johnathan back once again. Four days after his wreck, Johnathan walked out of the hospital completely healed from head to toe. No surgeries by man, just the GREAT PHYSICIAN, JESUS! GOD IS SO AWESOME!

Young Harmony, Rick Hendrix Management Artist, is based out of Chattanooga, TN. Their “on the road” team consists of the Wesley Crowe of Chickamauga, GA along with Johnathan & Ginger's middle child, Markale Bond of Ringgold, GA. Johnathan is a writer Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), a member of The National Songwriters Association, Inc. (NSAI), NARAS (www.Grammy.com) and The Gospel Music Association (www.GMAMusicAwards.com) and also a songwriter for HIS Choice Music Publishing. Young Harmony has recorded a total of fourteen projects, with their latest being “Acoustically Noted”. Many articles have been published about Young Harmony in several national magazines including the Singing News, Church Connection, US Gospel News, Readers Digest and others. Young Harmony has been nominated for the most honored Dove Awards for the years of 2005, 2006 and 2007. In the 2007 votings, GOD's Still GOD (written by Johnathan) was nominated as Southern Gospel Song of the Year and also nominated as 'Song of the Year'.

During the week Johnathan and Ginger work in the office of Young Harmony preparing for the next weekend of ministering. They also make the most of their off-road time, spending it with their three children, Josh, Markale and Ashley. Ginger says this is sometimes a challenge as all three children are in college, but well worth it!

Johnathan and Ginger have been serving GOD in full-time ministry since 1995. Prior to that time, Ginger was singing, along with directing the Praise Team, at her local church. Johnathan was singing with two of his cousins known as, The McClure Trio. As concert dates began to increase, they then formed the Husband / Wife team and became known as, Young Harmony.

Young Harmony travels ministering in word and song everywhere from revivals to concerts. Anywhere the Lord leads, they view as an opportunity to lift up His name. Location, people, denomination, size of congregation, finances, etc., are no limits to Young Harmony when it comes to spreading the gospel. They fill approximately 200 concert dates per year and gives thanks to GOD for their calling in building the Kingdom.

Through serving and trusting in HIM, one of the most important lessons they have learned is that GOD is bigger than anything! They believe that people need to be reminded of the LOVE and POWER of JESUS. As a team, Young Harmony wants to, not only reach out to the lost and dying, but also to the church. Lead the lost to JESUS and help the church be who CHRIST intended. Together, they have one goal in mind - To build the KINGDOM of GOD. This is not a job to Johnathan and Ginger, it is a ministry. 'We are called by the Master to lift up His name in singing, so we do just that everywhere we go. Remember the verse, 'the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.' (KVJ-Psalms 37:23)', says Johnathan.

God has opened up many doors for Young Harmony. In 2008, they were inducted into the North America Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2007, their album, Strength was nominated as Southern Gospel Album of the Year. GOD Still GOD was nominated as Southern Gospel Song of the Year and also nominated as overall Song of the Year. In 2006, Young Harmony's song, Good Morning Lord was nominated as The Dove Awards Song of the Year. The project Faith, Hope and Joy was nominated in the Dove Awards as Album of the year in 2005. In November of 2004 at the Ryman Auditorium on national television, Young Harmony was named 2004 Duet of the Year. These are just to name a few of the awards. Many recognize their charting songs such as, 'I Need Your Grace', 'What If He Didn't', 'God's Still God', 'Good Morning Lord', 'God Has Not Forgotten You', 'Can The World See Jesus In You' and 'All He's Done For Me'. Their latest radio release, 'When JESUS Prays' (also written by Johnathan) has gained them even more notoriety. Johnathan stated, 'Together our goal is to all GOD to use us to change lives, even one heart at a time!'

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