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True Love

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An elderly gentleman came to the doctor's office to have some stitches removed from his thumb.  His appointment was at 8, and he told the doctor he had to be through by 9, as he had another appointment.  The doctor asked if it was another doctor's appointment.  The man said no, that he had to meet his wife for breakfast at the nursing home.  The doctor inquired as to her health.  The senior citizen told him that she had been there for several years, suffering from Alzheimers.  He went on to say that she hadn't recognized him for about five years now.  The doctor said, "Well, if she doesn't recognize you, does it matter if you're a little late?"  The old man reached over, patted the doctor's hand and said, "She don't know who I am…but I know who SHE is."  Isn't that the kind of TRUE love we hall should strive for?  True love is neither romantic or physical, rather an acceptance of all this is…has been…will be…and will NOT be….

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