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Familiar Names, New Groups

Friday, March 21, 2008
Friday, 3/14, I was privileged to play for Mike and Kelly Bowling. They played the Crockett Theater in Lawrenceberg, TN for a young promoter, Josh Franks.

Mike, of course has had a great career as a soloist as well as with the Crabb Family and Perrys. Kelly made her mark with her siblings, the Crabb Family.

Mike, Kelly and Jeff Snyder have a big sound. Correction, I mean a REALLY big sound. As I sat at the piano and played for them, I was blown away by their blend and power. They sang songs from their great new CD, Faith to Believe, and many classic Hinson tunes. Mike, keep that Hinson music live buddy!

I simply can't say enough about Mike and Kelly Bowling. Whether it's their recordings, live concerts or just hanging out; I love 'em.

By the way, Josh is trying hard to bring southern gospel music to Lawrenceberg. He has a few dates already set for this year. So, if you live in the area, keep on the look out. He's bringing top notch talent, that's for sure

Another familiar name that's been around a while is Mike LeFevre. Recently, I hosted several podcasts with his new group, LeFevre Quartet. There's a reason why these guys won the the 2006 Singing News Horizon Group of the Year and was recently signed to Canaan Records. They are fabulous. Check out canaanrecords.com for the new podcasts which will feature interviews and new music from their soon to be released inaugural recording on Canaan Records. By the way, while recording the podcast, I got a sneak peek on the new project. Mike is more than doing his part continuing the LeFevre legacy.