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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! (1/21/2009)

Tim Atwood, staff piano player in the Grand Ole Opry staff band for several years, tells of an audition for the position of piano player for The Rambos.  Tim says first of all, he was “in love” with Reba, so, when she picked him up at the airport in Nashville in a convertible for the audition, he thought it couldn’t get any better….Well, it did.  He had only been at the Rambo’s house for a few minutes when the phone rang.  He was nearest to the phone, so Dottie told him to answer it.  A familiar voice, asked, “Uh..is Dottie there?”  “Yes, “ replied Tim. “May I tell her who’s calling?”  “Uh..this is Elvis,”  said the voice on the other end…..

Yes, Elvis Presley was calling to get the words to one of Dottie’s songs!! Tim says, “So here I am, picked up at the airport by Reba Rambo, and I get to talk on the phone with Elvis within 15 minutes of being in town!”  “The only bad thing about this story is that I DIDN’T get the job!”

No, you can’t make this stuff up!!

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